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The Socket Mobile Developer Program is designed to provide the information and support you need to develop applications for use with Socket Mobile products.

Registered Developers benefit from free SDK updates, exclusive discounts and more!


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How to Download the SDK:

After you register and buy a subscription, log into our Developer Portal.

Enter your Sales Order number from your subscription purchase from Socket Store to download the SDK.

SDKs Available:

SocketScan 10 SDK — Customize mobile apps with embedded support for the CHS Series 7, CHS Series 8 and CRS Series 9 barcode scanners. Apple iOS and Android developers also have the option to add support for SoftScan software powered by RedLaser, which enables barcode reading via tablets’ and smartphones’ built-in cameras.

SoMo SDK - The SoMo 655 SDK provides advanced settings and features for Power/Battery management/monitoring, wireless connectivity, plug-in adapters and third-party add-ons.

What Developers Are Saying:

"We required a barcode reading solution for our Point of Sale app, and we are so glad to have found Socket Mobile. We believe that the CHS scanner is a great product, ergonomic and durable, and what's more the company's support for Development is outstanding.

The SDK is obviously made with the developer in mind, and its simplicity is amazing - we literally had the SDK implemented within our APP in under 30 minutes, which is quite honestly a first for myself, as normally implementing 3rd party SDKs can take some time. We really could not believe our eyes when we ran iPos after 30 minutes of tinkering and where able to scan barcodes immediately." - Paul Walton, CTO, Intelligent POS

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