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The retail industry is undergoing a monumental shift as retailers transition from traditional point of sale (POS) systems to the next generation of customer-centric, mobile solutions. Socket Mobile offers the #1 barcode scanner for tablet-based POS, chosen by global POS leaders and independent developers alike for their Apple, Android and Windows tablet solutions.

With a Socket Mobile retail solution, your business can:

  • Sell anywhere with the latest mobile devices displaying your full product catalog and upselling options at a glance
  • Engage more with customers with accurate pricing, account and stock information out on the sales floor
  • Capture inventory and retail merchandising information quickly and accurately by reading barcodes
  • Scan mobile coupons on device screens and loyalty/gift cards for personalized mobile marketing promotions
  • Optimize operational excellence and achieve more profit from the products you sell
  • Enhance your corporate image with a sleek, stylish solution that customers will notice

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