2013 • New Products
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 8Ci attachable barcode scanner
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner Series 7 - Spring Color Collection
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7Mi, 7Pi Apple certified laser barcode scanners
2012 • New Products
      - SoMo 655 Handheld Computer
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7Ci (Apple Certified)
• U.S. Patent for Cordless Scanner and Stylus
• SocketPad for iOS available on Apple App Store
• Released SoMo 655 SDK
• Launched new Socket Mobile Developer Program
• Added Android support to CRS Series 9
2011 • 1st App on Apple App Store Made with SocketScan 10 SDK Available
• Opened Asia Pacific service center in Australia
• Shipped 50,000th SoMo handheld computer
• Socket debuts its 1st app on Apple App Store: ScannerSettings
• Developed Wi-Fi Persistence Mode for SoMo 650
• Added support to SocketScan 10 software for iOS, Android OS
• New Products:
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7C
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7Xi (1st Apple Certified product)
      - SocketScan 10 SDK with support for iOS, Android OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows
2010 • Added Android support to SocketScan 10 software
• Opened European service center in Germany
• Launched SocketScan 10 Developers Compensation Program
• Selected by Panasonic as a Healthcare Hardware Partner
• Launched SoMo 650 in Japan with a Japanese language version
• New Products:
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7E v3
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7M2
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7X and 7XRx
      - DuraCase
      - Go Wi-Fi! P322 SDIO 802.11a/b/g card
• U.S. Patent for Functionality and Policies Based on Wireless Device Dynamic Associations
2009 • Launched Socket Third-Party Accessories Recommendation (STAR) Program
• Sold Serial I/O business unit to Quatech
• Launched first antimicrobial products for healthcare
• New Products:
      - Go Wi-Fi P320 SDIO 802.11a/b/g WLAN card
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7EL
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7E2
      - SoMo 650Rx
      - Socket Bluetooth Cordless Han Scanner 7NRx, 7XRx
      - CF Scan Card 5E2
      - CF Scan Card 5XRx
      - SD Scan Card 3E2
      - SoMo 650 BackPack broadband ExpressCard adapter
      - USB Ethernet Gigabit Adapter
2008 • SoMo 650 awarded Portable Computing Magazine Product of the Year
• New Products
      - SoMo 650Rx - Antimicrobial
      - Industrial Headset & Microphone
      - Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion
      - USB-to-Serial Adapter
      - 802.11a/b/g WLAN products for OEM
• U.S. Patent for Cordless Hand Scanner with Improved User Feedback
• U.S. Patent for Portable/Wearable Electronic Device
2007 • New Product
      - SoMo® 650 handheld device
• Socket Communications operate under the new name Socket Mobile, Inc.
• U.S. Patent for External Enclosure Portion of a Removable Expansion
• U.S. Patent for Ring-like Wearable Electronic Device
2006 • New Products
      - Cordless Ring Scanner
      - Go Wi-Fi P500 Card
• Wi-Fi Alliance Brand Awards - 2006 WIFFIES
• U.S. Patent for Cordless Hand Scanner
2005 • New Products
      - USB Bluetooth Adapter
      - OrganizeIT barcoding software suite
      - SDIO v.92 56K modem
      - Wi-Fi® Companion Software
• Increased developer support through Strategic Vertical Integrator Program
2004 • First profitable year on $26.1 million in revenue
• New Products
      - Battery-powered Bluetooth modem
      - Bluetooth bar code scanner
      - RFID software developers kit
      - New Bluetooth software for Windows XP notebooks and tablets
      - Mobile Power Pack
      - New Security Software for Pocket PC WLAN connectivity
      - New Bluetooth GPS receiver
• Increased developer support through Strategic Vertical Integrator Program
• Member of Wi-Fi Alliance
2003 • Introduced SDIO wireless plug-in cards: Bluetooth and Wireless LAN
• Expanded bar code scanning product line with 2D imager and SDIO plug-in scanner
• Reported positve cash flow from operations and third consecutive quarter of record revenue in the third quarter
2002 • Launched "Empowering Mobility Partner Program"
• U.S. Patent awarded for removable memory in a removable I/O device
• Introduced first stand alone Bluetooth product: GPS receiver
2001 • User friendly corporate identity and look
• CF Bluetooth plug-in card and software shipping
• Expansion of Socket Mobile Product Line: Bluetooth Connection Kit, Modem Card, Ethernet 10/100, Digital Phone Connection for Palm
• Member of Bluetooth Special Interest group (SIG)
2000 • Shipped the first Bluetooth CompactFlash card
• Member of Working Group to define the SD I/O standard
• Acquired 3rd Rail Engineering, engineering services and product design company
1999 • Developed patent-pending technology for combining I/O and removable memory on a single card
1998 • Shipped first CompactFlash I/O Cards Scanning
1997 • Co-invented the CompactFlash I/O standard
1996 • Expanded PC serial card family of products: ruggedized serial and dual serial cards
• Commenced work on plug-in connection products for first Windows CE handheld computers
1995 • Became a public company
1994 • Shipped first dual-mode PC Card wireless email receiver
1993 • Established worldwide distribution network
• Introduced low-power serial PC card designed for mobile devices
1992 • Socket Mobile founded
• Delivered the world’s first PCMCIA network card

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