Design Patents

Accuracy-Enhanced Scanner

US 8,235,294 B2 (Cordless Ring Scanner)

SoMo650 Mobile Computing Device

US D592,659 S (SoMo 650 Device)

Mobile Computing Device Docking Station

US D584,731 S (SoMo Cradle)

Portable Electronic Device

US D510,087 S (GPS)
US D519,993 S (Bluetooth 56K Modem)

Cordless Hand Scanner

US D526,320 S (Cordless Hand Scanner)
US D531,632 S (Cordless Hand Scanner)

External Enclosure Portion of a
Removable Expansion Card

US D539,286 S (56K CF Modem/Ethernet)
US D549,708 S (56K SD Modem)

Ring-Like Wearable Electronic Device

US D554,641 S (Cordless Ring Scanner)

Portable/Wearable Electronic Device

US D570,350 S (Cordless Ring Scanner Wrist Unit Design)


System Patents

Accuracy Enhanced Scanner

US 8,235,294 B2

Wireless Enabled Memory Module

US 7,440,774 B2

Cordless Scanner and Stylus

US 8,139,049 B1

Cordless Hand Scanner with Improved User Feedback

US 7,686227 B2

Socket Compatible Parallel Interface with BiDirectional Handshaking for Serial Peripherals

US 7,533,202

Closed Case Removable Expansion Card having Interconnect & Adapter Circuitry for both I/O & Removable Memory

US 6,353,870 B1

High-Density Removable Expansion Module having I/O & 2nd Level-Removable Expansion Memory

US 6,599,147 B1
US 6,863,557 B2
US 6,976,111 B1

First-Level Removable Module having Bar Code I/O & Second-Level Removable Memory

US 6,691,196 B2

Nested Removable-Removable Modules

US 6,920,517 B2
US 7,194,565 B2

Deferred Tuple Space Programming of Expansion Modules

US 7,003,627 B2
US 7,162,581 B2

Cooperative interconnection & operation of a non-volatile memory card & an input-output card

US 7,107,378 B1

Y-Adapter with Embedded Wireless Port

US 7,318,551 B1

Removable Modules with w/ External IO Flexibity via Intregal Removeable Slot

US 7,343,439 B2

Cordless Hand Scanner with Improved User Feedback

US 7,429,000 B1

Wireless Enabled Memory Module

US 7,440,774 B2

Removable module with Subscriber information Card

US 7,454,541 B2

Card Shaped Computer Peripheral Device


Wireless Memory Module

US 8,023,998 B2


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