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Automotive Solutions

In the automotive industry, not only does mobility matter, it makes sense. In a make-to-order environment, many businesses in the automotive industry are implementing mobile solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize errors in day-to-day operations.

pda vin scanner

The Socket business mobility system offers a durable handheld computer and a comprehensive selection of plug-in and wireless barcode scanners, RFID readers and connection peripherals that enable your business to eliminate slow and inefficient paper-based processes.

From the production line, to the auction, the dealership, all the way down to parts, services and maintenance, Socket and our software and integration partners are there to provide the exact solution you need.

  • Achieve inventory visibility in real-time to reduce over-stocking of materials
  • Eliminate costly paper-based processes and minimize errors by implementing computerized, mobile solutions
  • Scan and track vehicle identification number (VIN) information and all associated activities
  • Look up pricing, inventory, vehicle history or account information anytime, anywhere
  • Streamline quality control processes by uploading, accessing, and sharing real-time data on vehicle inspections and repairs

"Socket barcode scanners can instantly and accurately capture a vehicle's VIN code. It makes a dealer's job easier and improves a customer's experience."
-- Charlie Vogelheim, editor, Kelley Blue Book

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