Government/Public Sector Solutions

Socket Mobile offers government and public sector agencies a flexible business mobility system optimized for use in a wide range of task-specific applications. Depending on your environment and security regulations you can choose the SoMo® 650 system configuration that meets your needs. The SoMo 650 can come Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled or radio-free.

The radio-free configuration of our SoMo® 650DX handheld computer was designed specifically to transmit data by direct exchange to address the needs of workers in information-sensitive environments where security takes precedence over real-time data transmission.

In combination with the SoMo® 650DX, we also offer a unique selection of add-on peripherals, such as bar code scanners, RFID readers, plug-in modems and Ethernet cards. Together with the knowledge and applications of our vertical industry partners, Socket provides a cohesive and complete solution for the public sector marketplace.

A customized Socket business mobility system can help your organization:

  • Meet standards for non-radio and high-security regulatory compliance
  • Batch send and batch upload data quickly and securely
  • Enable first responders to make fast, accurate decisions by having the information they need readily available
  • Run demanding business applications, even several at the same time
  • Reduce costs by standardizing and simplifying processes in the field
  • Streamline asset tracking, field automation and inventory management

Learn how Washington D.C. public libraries use the Socket CHS barcode scanner with Apple iPad for mobile checkout.

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