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Socket Mobile Medical Mobility Suite of Products

Healthcare Solutions

Socket Mobile offers a durable, high-performance medical PDA, along with portable barcode scanners, RFID readers, and other devices that can enable your healthcare facility to enhance operational performance, contain costs and improve patient care.

For hygiene sensitive applications, we offer devices made with antimicrobial materials to provide an extra layer of protection to the equipment against the spread and multiplication of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes.

Our 2D and 1D barcode scanners work not only with the Socket SoMo 650Rx medical PDA, but also with the Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod touch, BlackBerry and Palm smartphones, Windows PCs, and other devices popular among healthcare professionals.

The Socket business mobility system, combined with applications from our healthcare software partners, can enable your organization to:

  • Increase patient safety with bedside medication verification (BPOC / eMAR), either with a handheld device or by adding a portable 2D / 1D barcode scanner to a tablet computer or cart on wheels
  • Eliminate paperwork and improve reimbursement rates by automating nursing documentation at the point of care
  • Enable clinicians to make smarter decisions with access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), drug references, and plans of care anywhere within a facility or during home healthcare visits
  • Improve communication among staff and accelerate the responsiveness of care (pager replacement)
  • Increase the efficiency of medical equipment tracking, materials management, and facility inspections

Read a case study about nursing documentation at Lancaster Health Group long-term care facilities.

Watch a video of blood inventory tracking at the Heinrich Heine University Hospital.


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