Retail Management Solutions

As the retail industry grows larger, retailers must find new ways to harness opportunities to grow revenue and increase profit. Being able to effectively respond to industry challenges gets you noticed and puts you a cut above the competition.

With Socket mobile data collection and connectivity solutions your business can:

  • Capture inventory and retail merchandising information quickly and accurately to provide customers with real-timesales figures
  • Know what your customers want before they do by collecting and accessing SKU specific data on consumer demographics and behavior
  • Optimize operational excellence and achieve more profit from the products you sell
  • Improve customer service by having accurate pricing and stock information
  • Get your sales associates and supervisors interacting with customers and out on the sales floor with mobile access to e-mail, reports and company databases
  • Easily implement efficient point-of-sale solutions
Read how Zoom Room uses the Apple iPad and Socket CHS barcode scanner for customer self check-in and mobile POS.


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