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Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Depending on the needs of your individual organization and the challenges unique to your industry, business mobility systems can incorporate a broad range of technologies and capabilities. This is particularly true when addressing the varying aspects of mobilizing a transportation or logistics enterprise. Whether you want a more efficient warehouse management system (WMS), or you desire a tighter integration between your operations and your employees, mobility is a key element in enabling increased productivity wherever work is performed.

The Socket Mobile business mobility system offers a durable handheld computer and a comprehensive selection of plug-in and Bluetooth bar code scanners, RFID readers and connectivity peripherals that are fully integrated and work together to help your transportation or logistics business achieve its mobility goals. In combination with our vertical industry partners’ knowledge and software applications, a Socket Mobile solution enables your business to:

  • Capture data, and track-and-trace materials in real-time throughout the supply chain
  • Achieve granular visibility into dynamic, mobile logistics environments
  • Gain control of company asset management and come into compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations
  • Eliminate costly paper-based processes and reduce errors by implementing computerized, mobile solutions
  • Cross-check the accuracy of items and orders being picked, packed and shipped
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction by providing value-added services without increasing handling costs


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