SocketScan 10 vs. SocketScan 7.x.x

SocketScan 10 and SocketScan 7 both are keyboard wedge applications for the Bluetooth CHS Series 7 barcode scanners providing basic scanner connection management, transferring scanned barcodes to the active application running on your Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile Android, or BlackBerry device as though they were typed directly from a keypad. Below lists some differences between SocketScan 10 and SocketScan 7.x.x.


SocketScan 10

SocketScan 7.x.x

Supported OS Windows XP/Vista/7
   Windows Mobile 6
   Android 2.1 or later
   BlackBerry OS 5 (v5.0.0.714 or later)
   Apple iOS
Windows XP/Vista/XP
   Windows Mobile 6/5.0
   BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Pearl, Storm, Tour
   Palm OS v4.1 or later
   Symbian OS
Scanner Compatibility CHS Series 7 v3 or later CHS Series 7 v1/v2
   CRS Series 9 v2/v3
   Plug-in Series 3/4/5/6
Installation Single installer for Windows and BlackBerry.
   For Android, download free from Android Market.
Separate installer for all OS
Bluetooth Management
SDK For Windows CE, Plam & Symbian only
Configure connection (SDK required)
Scanner Version
Configure beeps, LED
Configure vibrate mode
Configure symbologies
Scanner test app
Multiple scanner support CHS 7X, 7XRx, CHS 7Xi & CHS 7XiRx only

Contact Socket

Toll Free: 1 (800) 552-3300

EMEA/UK: +44 (0)7787 112109

Asia Pacific: +1-510-933-3122

Japan: 090-9808-0518

Latin America: +1-510-933-3127

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