* For Somo650, Only SocketCare Plus 2 year plan is available

SocketCare™ Service Program

Protect Your Investment... Enhance Your Service™

Experience maximum perfromance while lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with SocketCare support for your Socket SoMo® handheld computers, Bluetooth® barcode scanners or other data collection devices.

  • Gain Peace of Mind – Reduce risks by protecting your investment with SocketCare coverage including high-quality support from Socket specialists
  • Minimize Downtime – Accelerate repair and replacement to minimize downtime for increased productivity
  • Simplify Support – Fast, flexible and reliable product support services


Questions on SocketCare:
United States +1 (510) 933-3198
European Countries +32 (0) 479 49 64 54
Australia +61 3 9844 3302

*For the rest of the world, please use the United States phone number.

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