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How Barcode Scanners Evolve with Color

September 24, 2018  


Socket Mobile doesn’t believe in fitting the mold. Life is not in black, white or grey, so why are our tools? With this notion, Socket Mobile created the Series 7 models, which have now evolved into the SocketScan® 700 series, offering even more benefits. Bringing vibrance, ease and dependability to the work place is part of our ongoing motto – we work hard so you don’t have to.    


We began creating colorful barcode scanners for many reasons: users can find scanners easier and designate tasks with less confusion. Color provides individuality, providing businesses with a distinctive look to their brand, creating a more memorable experience for their customers. Color is part of Socket Mobile’s signature; we are known for offering our customers color options.    


Though our colors have not faded, everything in the tech world must evolve. In keeping our scanners vibrant, Socket Mobile is offering SocketScan - a new set of colorful scanners with new and improved features, along with improved prices that allow SocketScan to offer a lower priced, 2D barcode scanning option.    


Our handheld barcode scanners have an ergonomic shape, molded to fit the form of a person's hand for ultimate comfort. The SocketScan's shape, however, has evolved slightly. With an even more comfortable grip, improved weight and feel in the hand for all day use.      
  Series 7 SocketScan 700 Series
 Scanning Speed 1 scan/1 second 2 scans/1 second
 Battery Life 14 hours Over 16 hours
 User Indicator 1 for battery Bluetooth connection and a good scan  3 separate LEDs for battery level, Bluetooth connection, scanning
 Performance Reads damaged and poorly printed barcodes
 Price $229.00 - $429.00 $229.00 - $329.00
                      Series 7   SocketScan 700 Series   Scanning Speed    1 scan/1second 2  scans/1 second   Battery Life   14 hours   Over 16 hours   User Indicator   1 for battery Bluetooth connection and a good scan   3 separate LEDs for battery level, Bluetooth connection, scanning   Performance       Reads damaged and poorly printed barcodes      Price   $229.00 - $429.00   $229.00 - $329.00        



Offering barcode scanners in the widest variety of colors, the SocketScan will have similar, but enhanced, vibrant color options: blue, green, red, yellow and pure white. Socket Mobile’s scanners add individuality to a business while providing designation to individuals or differentiating scanning tasks.    


All Socket Mobile scanners are manufactured with antimicrobial outer casings for easy cleaning in the diverse environments and industries that can use them. The SocketScan is no exception.    


Our company stands out with color. So can yours.    


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