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Reasons to Choose a Laser Barcode Scanner - Socket Mobile's DuraScan D730

December 10, 2018  
Imagine working in a pharmacy – high shelves and massive inventory with hard-to-reach boxes of medication. The pharmacy tech cannot reach that top shelf on her own, but a DuraScan® D730 laser scanner with  Bluetooth® wireless technology can still read the barcode that is just out-of-reach of her tech’s hands.


Imagine shipping and receiving cellophane packages from the back of a truck. Long days on and off the road, meeting deadlines and locations are enough of a hassle. Dealing with hard-to-read barcodes should not be part of the task. Stretching the plastic and angling the box to avoid the sunlight is NOT an issue with a laser scanner.


Scans from Distance: Laser scanners are intended to meet those hard-to-reach places with their extended reach. Socket Mobile’s D730 reads barcodes up to 8 feet away.


Scan through Clear Barriers: Plastic and glass coverings on a barcode are not a hindrance for a laser. Laser Scanners can scan right through clear barriers.


Fast Scanning: Laser scanners are the fastest barcode reader. With a laser barcode scanner, productivity speeds up as the reaction of a laser is so quick.


Accurate Scanning: Misread barcodes are reduced with a laser scanner because lasers have improved accuracy when scanning. Improved accuracy provides an improved production rate.


Scans in Bright Lighting: If workers are scanning packages or tickets outside, they compete with the sunshine or poor lighting on a cloudy day. A laser scanner can still read barcodes whether the sun is shining or not. Lighting does not impede a laser’s scans.


Scans in various Angles: Laser scanners can have accurate scans sideways, upside down, or other angles that are NOT dead on. If packages are in hard to reach areas or users are in a rush to scan, the laser scanner can still capture an accurate reading.


Lasers Capture Damaged and Poor Quality Barcodes: Unclear or worn barcodes are NOT easily read or scanned. But, a laser scanner can still read an imperfect barcode.

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