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Socket Mobile Delivers Full Featured Attachable Scanner

- February 17, 2015 - NEWARK, Calif., – February 17, 2015 ‐ Socket Mobile, Inc. (OTC: SCKT), a provider of innovative mobile barcode scanning and handheld device products, announced today the availability of their CHS 8Qi cordless handheld scanner. The CHS 8Qi is the second model in the progression of the compact CHS Series 8 cordless barcode scanners which are attachable to most smartphones enabling one‐handed barcode scanning.
The new CHS 8Qi is designed for high‐performance allowing scanning of most 1D or 2D barcodes. An ideal choice in Mobile Point‐of‐Sale (mPOS) applications where 1D UPC Barcodes, 2D Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Cards need to be scanned. It is also suited for Mobile Ticketing where 2D barcodes are gaining popularity for security and data capacity. The CHS 8Qi attaches to most tablets, laptops and smartphones including the latest Apple iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android devices in a sled‐type configuration solution.

The CHS 8Qi captures any type of barcode, even under less‐than‐optimal circumstances. The robust engine can read barcodes printed on labels or displayed on a mobile phone screen, high density barcodes, poorly printed barcodes, damaged barcodes and barcodes under shrink wrap. In addition, the CHS 8Qi provides a “pick list” feature that allows selective reading of a single barcode out of a set of codes that are very close together. Finally, because of its advanced illumination system, the CHS 8Qi handheld scanner makes it easy to capture any bar code on the first scan.
James Lopez, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development commented, “The CHS 8Qi is small, light and provides an easy to carry one handed solution that fits in your pocket or can be worn on a lanyard. And, because of its incredibly dynamic engine, the CHS 8Qi is the ultimate solution for retail mPOS, healthcare, hospitality, commercial services and any other enterprise mobility application where accuracy, efficiency and convenience is a priority.”

The CHS 8Qi is also supported in Socket Mobile’s developer Software Developers’ Kit (SDK), allowing developers to embed support for the CHS 8Qi into their applications. Developers can obtain an SDK at: SocketScan Keyboard Wedge and SocketCare support is also available.
Socket Mobile products are available through worldwide distribution. Selected Socket Mobile products are also available at the  Apple Online Store and the Apple Online Store UK. For more information on all Socket Mobile Cordless Handheld Scanners and other Socket Mobile products visit

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Founded in 1992, Socket Mobile is a leading innovator of mobile devices and productivity tools for retail point of sale, field service, healthcare, and other mobile markets. Our portfolio includes wireless handheld and hands‐free barcode scanners for tablets and smartphones; durable handheld devices and accessories; and OEM solutions for the mobile device market. Socket Mobile is headquartered in Newark, Calif. and can be reached at +1‐510‐933‐3000 or Follow Socket Mobile on Facebook, Twitter @socketmobile.

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