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Socket Mobile Launches DuraSled for iPhone SE 2020

- November 04, 2020 -

Newark, Calif., November 4th, 2020 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a key provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce the arrival of a new line of scanning sleds: DuraSled™,  tailored to offer optimal fit and performance for the 2020 iPhone SE.

“An ever-increasing number of companies count on iPhone applications to run their businesses. That makes the need for a one-handed solution that combines the iPhone and an enterprise-grade scanner greater than ever,” says Vanessa Lindsay, Senior Product Manager.

Enter the DuraSled™,  an optimal solution. Its rugged case protects phones from drop damage and provides a robust, versatile charging solution suitable for all workplace environments. The ease of use and resilience of the DuraSled™ make it an ideal product for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing and other application-driven mobile services. 

The advent of iPhone SE compatibility makes this solution more accessible and valuable than ever. The iPhone SE is compact and affordable—priced just under $400—but comes packed with the A13 Bionic Chip, heralded by Apple and critics alike as the fastest chip a smartphone has ever had. With design, performance, and cameras that offer a profound power for the SE’s price, companies looking to update or alter their choice of mobile devices are likely to flock to the SE in droves. Socket Mobile, as ever, is ready: positioned at the forefront of data capture and delivery solutions, eagerly anticipating and meeting the demands of their customers.

The core elements of the DuraSled™ remain constant. This enables seamless transitions between the ever-updating iPhone models by using the same application and same DuraSled™ charging infrastructure.

With iPhone 12 compatibility options arriving in first quarter 2021, replacement options are reduced to a fraction of the cost of an entire scanning sled replacement. Core sled components don’t change when switching to a new iPhone model, which enables users to get more value out of their mobile deployment investments by maintaining a scanning sled across mobile device generations.

The DuraSled™ is available in three models: the DS800, DS840 and DS860 and as of December 1st they will come with a removable door for changing the battery.  All three come feature-packed: with interchangeable accessories, field replaceable batteries, and the series’ namesake durable design, creating an effective, integrated solution. As with all other Socket Mobile products, the entire DuraSled™ series is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. The differences between the three sleds lie in their intended purposes: the DS800 is a 1D scanner, the DS840 a 1D/2D scanner, and the DS860 a 1D/2D and travel identification scanner.

DuraSled™ products are currently available for purchase on Socket Mobile’s online store, and will soon be available via online resellers, such as Amazon. 

Learn more about the DuraSled™ family

DS800—Sled and Linear Scanner: Scans 1D barcodes on mobile devices or paper

DS840—Sled and Universal Scanner: Scans 1D and 2D barcodes from mobile devices or paper

DS860—Sled and Specialty Scanner: Scans 1D, 2D, DotCode, passports and travel identification


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