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From Durable to DuraScan: The evolution of the barcode scanner

Jan 9, 2020, 10:07 AM by Amelia Albanese

Durable barcode scanner

At Socket Mobile, it’s our job to meet and anticipate our customers’ needs.  

Barcode scanners were originally developed with the purpose of data capture, to improve stocking, help ring up items and keep track of what’s been sold and what is still available on the shelves. With the expansion of barcode usage, the workforce began using their scanners in more diverse settings, which included harsher workplaces. That created a new for a stronger wireless barcode scanner. 

Socket Mobile’s original Durable barcode scanner was created with the intention of meeting the everyday demands of the barcode scanner and then some. Robust, able to withstand falls, tumbles and harsh environments, the Durable was made tough, so the only concern users had was their task at hand, not their tool in-hand. It was meant to be a help, not a hindrance. The fully programmable scanner was made with antimicrobial material, ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more. 

But as our customers’ needs have changed, our barcode scanners must too. Meet the DuraScantm, an even tougher barcode scanner with an IP54 rating. It’s simpler to use, the battery lasts twice as long and it’s intuitive with LED lights. And no longer is gray the only color choice. The DuraScan comes in three different colors, Construction Orange, Safety Green and Utility Gray. It even comes in an NFC Reader/Writer edition as part of the DuraScan 700 Series.  

The DuraScan’s features include:

  • Made from protective material with antimicrobial additives to help protect against harmful bacteria
  • Long lasting battery: Power to last for two 8-hour shifts  
  • User feedback: Intuitive LED indicators let users know battery, Bluetooth connection and scanning status at a glance
  • Rugged design: Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing protection; withstands multiple drops to concrete and repeated tumbles
  • Wireless (Bluetooth® Technology) scanning for Apple®, iOS, Android and Windows® mobile devices
  • Wearable: Includes lanyard/ belt clip for convenient access wherever you go

The Series 7 Durable has run its course and reached the finish line. Leaving other scanners in the dust in the early years, its time in the sun has now set. The Series 7 Durable passes the baton to DuraScan – the future in improved durable scanning solutions.