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PRODUCT UPDATE: TouchPoint Getting Started Application (v1.2.7)

Jan 11, 2017, 21:00 PM by Socket Mobile

App (v1.2.7)

The TouchPoint Getting Started App (v1.2.7) is now available for download in the iTunes App store.

sceenshot of TouchPoint App

Get started reading NFC Smart Cards, NFC stickers, and RFID Tags with the TouchPoint application. NFC experience is not required to use this App. The Application helps new users get familiarized with near field communication; it logs users’ history of read information; and, it sustains a low-energy connection.

Search for “TouchPoint Getting Started” or follow this link.


New Version Features:

  • Siri’s voice
  • iOS 10 notifications for connection status
  • Stopped/foreground/background notifications for six iBeacons
  • Enhancements to the BLE debug function
  • Lighthouse proximity User Interface
  • Gateway connection option
  • Flurry Analytics (location, connection & Beacon Events) with Opt-In/Opt-Out, and Privacy Statement


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