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What Color Can Do for You - Reasons to Choose SocketScan

Jul 1, 2018, 21:00 PM by Socket Mobile

Barcode scanners are simple, very useful tools that help track, trace and itemize products. Its role with inventory is essential for a smooth and profitable business.

SocketScan700-mediakitThe SocketScan barcode scanner is a high-performance, management tool that keeps your business running smoothly. We feel you should showcase this essential tool, so we created the SocketScan. Below is a list to help explain why you want SocketScan for your company.

  1. SocketScan is High Performing and Universal: Available in 1D, 2D and laser, the SocketScan barcode scanning options to cover all majorly used symbologies and needs. The 1D scanner reads linear and stacked barcodes; the 2D includes 1D barcodes, as well as omni-directional scanning; and the high-performing laser handles rigorous scanning applications with speedy diligence.
  2. Application Integration: Socket Mobile’s Capture SDK enables easy integration in your applications to improve business productivity with fast, efficient and reliable data transfer over Bluetooth wireless technology. You are integrated into our large development community.
  3. SocketScan has Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Socket Mobile’s SocketScan provides maximum mobility by being cordless and having Bluetooth connection for freedom and ease of access.
  4. SocketScan is Ergonomic: The look and feel of a handheld scanner are both important. Socket Mobile’s SocketScan is lightweight and formed to fit comfortably in the natural shape of hardworking hands for long hours of scanning.
  5. SocketScan has Long-Lasting Batteries: Users don’t have to worry about their barcode scanner breaking down in the middle of a work day. Batteries last up to two work shifts or more.
  6. SocketScan has an Intuitive Interface: With intuitive lights, sounds and pulsations that inform users of battery, scanning and connection status, the SocketScan makes usage simple, interacting with users to keep them informed.
  7. SocketScan is Affordable: Breaking the norm, so the price tag doesn’t break your budget. SocketScan’s 2D solutions are a fraction of the cost of the average 2D barcode scanners.
  8. SocketScan has Antimicrobial Material: While color is important, so is the prevention of spreading germs. Socket Mobile’s antimicrobial material makes for easy cleaning, which is particularly useful in healthcare industries.
  9. SocketScan has Multiple Color Options: SocketScan offers multiple options so there is a color to suit almost anyone’s taste - blue, green, red, white, yellow.
  10. Color Provides Branding Opportunities: Every business owner wants to stand out. Branding is how a company makes a statement, and using your signature barcode scanner color to enhance that brand is smart.
  11. Different Colors for Different Tasks: Selecting different colors for different responsibilities reduces confusion. Numerous employees require barcode scanners. Each user may be scanning different stock on location, or scanners can be designated to perform particular tasks (i.e. scanning in the warehouse and scanning on the retail floor). With designated colors there’s less chance of mixing up scanners.
  12. Color is Memorable: The last thing a store owner wants is for their customers to forget about them. A colorful scanner can catch customers’ eyes, making a store easier to remember as shoppers come in and out of departments.
  13. Color Scanners are Easier to Find: Warehouses are typically full of grey and brown colors, which makes another grey tool easily lost among the clutter. Color stands out in a stock room of brown packages and grey equipment.

It’s hard to ignore the benefits and reasons to use a SocketScan. Bring a little color to your work life. 

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