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Simplify Your Development Cycle with CaptureSDK

Unlike using native iOS, Android or other camera-based barcode scanning solutions, CaptureSDK is an integral part of our unified data capture SDK. It's easy to implement, and you only need to do it once.

When your customers' data capture needs change, they can choose any Socket Mobile data capture solution without requiring you to update your application.

Traditional App Development Cycle

image - traditional app develoment

One SDK integration for all your apps...

One integration with CaptureSDK acts as an insurance policy for your business, ensuring any Socket Mobile solution works seamlessly with all your apps.

SocketCam is pre-loaded into the latest version Companion app. This allows users to use and test automatic data capture without the need for additional hardware. 

 App Development Cycle with CaptureSDK & SocketCam
- One and Done -

image - app develoment socketcam with all our scanning solutions

Customers can use the SocketCam family of scanners as a backup or easily switch between camera scanning and a physical scanner, which they can choose from Socket’s full product line, as many customers do as their business grows.

SocketCam C820 (free) and the enhanced C860 (nominal monthly fee) are available for both iOS and Android.