The Customer

RollMore manages a family of ecommerce channels focused on providing training and fight gear for individuals, leagues and schools in the world of martial arts, MMA, Brazilian jujitsu, karate and related communities.

Our main markets are the US and the UK, we also have growing international sales.

We run our own ecommerce channels, with in-house product development, marketing, customer support and a full fulfillment operations team.

We used to struggle with scale as we grew, and came across ShipHero and Socket Mobile solutions 3 years ago, and have been using these products ever since with great success.

The Challenge


RollMore had 3 challenges to solve:

  1. Accuracy of inventory - Karate Depot sells many SKUs, with many SKU variations which could easily lead to the wrong products being picked or put into bin locations. Typically, when the warehouse team is dealing with higher order volume (we ship on average a thousand orders per day), they tend to make more errors when reading labels or visually referencing products. Inventory would often be incorrect, with wrong SKUs being put into incorrect locations, leading to more errors when fulfilling orders.
  2. Order picking accuracy - Again, our error rates would increase as order volume and activity volume increased, and we could correlate this primarily to new warehouse employees being unfamiliar with what they were picking, along with making shortcuts to save time.
  3. Taking too long to pack orders - Packers were having to click too many buttons for each order! Selecting the box, shipping method, printing a label etc. Too many seconds added for each order resulted in a lower packing volume per packer requiring us to hire more packers to keep up with demand.

The Socket Mobile Solution

We needed a robust, easy to use and comprehensive WMS/OMS solution, and after looking into a few products, we decided on ShipHero. We like ShipHero for its comprehensive set of features that help our warehouse manage inventory, pick orders, receive new stock and manage returns.

We regularly handle large volumes of orders, typically in the range of 1k to 3k per day off season, and in the 10k range per day busy season. Our picking and packing is accomplished using the ShipHero mobile app, with Socket Mobile Barcode Scanners to achieve speed and accuracy. These two products alone help us accomplish a 99.87% accuracy rate for fulfilled orders.

We have a fleet of Socket Mobile 7Ci scanners that are available to the warehouse team. These are used for scanning barcodes on locations, boxes, inventory, incoming stock and returns.


The Results 

Our business is all about great customer experience and fast and accurate shipping. By focusing on scaling the speed and accuracy of how our fulfillment processes work, we have significantly reduced opportunities for errors and late orders.

We simply would not have scaled without ShipHero as the backbone of our back office, which pairs perfectly with the Socket Mobile scanners. We’ve found that the socket mobile scanners are resilient to handle the drops and general abuse of being in a warehouse, and are easy and fast. Our business has been able to grow because of these great devices.