Royal Canin Success Story

The Customer

Founded in 1967, Royal Canin produces pet food that is scientifically designed for individual pets. The company is headquartered in Aimargues, France. Royal Canin provides in-store customers with easy-to-use, up-to-date product information to aid product selection.

Royal Canin has worked with breeder partners and veterinary nutritionists to create nutritional solutions that meet the needs of dogs and cats. A worldwide manufacturer of products focused on breed and age, as well as veterinary prescriptions for dog and cat nutrition, Royal Canin puts the needs of canines and felines first. Royal Canin had used in-store videos on display stands to inform customers of their product options. Although videos were a good way of visually educating patrons of the best food choice for their beloved pet, the information quickly became outdated as new products and offers were constantly released, so Royal Canin looked for a solution which would be interactive and could quickly and simply provide customers with the latest information about the products specific to their pet.

The Partner

Kiube Mobile is a part of the Eyeplay / Heavyform company merger. They create applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, Bada, Windows.

The Challenge

Royal Canin wanted to provide customers with easy-to-use, up-to-date product information to aid in product selection. Royal Canin was keen on ensuring that whichever solution they chose, it must be user friendly to ensure maximum usage.

Kiube Mobile implemented many Apple iPads in previous projects, utilizing the built-in camera for occasional scanning requirements. For Royal Canin’s project, Kiube Mobile needed a more robust scanning solution.  After searching for an Apple compatible barcode scanner, Kiube’s interest quickly piqued, finding Socket Mobile’s barcode scanner products are Apple certified.

 The slim line design of Socket Mobile’s barcodes scanners meant that the device could be easily integrated into the modified housing of the iPad mounting case. It was decided that integrating the barcode scanner was a better option than having it hang from a cable – protecting the scanner from damage and giving it a stable position for the user.  Set to the persistent scanning mode, users don’t need to trigger a scan manually; the scanner’s red light remains on, clearly indicating the presence of the scanning facility.

The Socket Mobile Solution

Royal Canin selected Socket Mobile’s Colorful Series 7 of barcode scanners with Bluetooth® wireless technology. The affordable yet powerful 1D scanning engine and the ease to which it could be integrated into the Kioskio STD-SCX Application using the SocketScan10 SDK made the scanner and Application an ideal selection for Royal Canin. 

Socket Mobile’s partner, Kiube Mobile (part of the Xpandity Group), had just what Royal Canin was looking for in their Kioskio STDSCX solution - encompassing an application developed specifically for them to ensure it answered their business needs. An Apple iPad and barcode scanner mounted in a modified shelf display is connected to the Internet, providing the user with an interactive experience, supplying relevant information which is always current.

Using the Kioskio STD-SCX solution, customers within the retail environment can approach the Royal Canin display, scan a product barcode using the Socket Mobile 7Ci and use the touch screen on the Apple iPad to navigate the various options, providing useful information to enable the customer to make a fully informed product selection. In addition, the system supports ‘My Royal Canin’ Loyalty Card Program. The loyalty program allows customers to collect points with each Royal Canin product purchased. Members can scan their loyalty card at the kiosk and discover what each product is ‘worth’ in points and then redeem them in the future to get samples of new products or claim gifts. Even registration for the loyalty program is available at the kiosk.

The Results

Customers now easily access the latest product information, helping to improve their in-store experience. The application setup provides visibility into customer behaviors and trends while the streamlined solution enables loyalty program registration and account login.

The versatile 7Ci barcode scanner supports multiple OS, giving flexibility for future expansion.

Royal Canin deployed 89 kiosks to stores in Belgium, 15 floor stands and 74 mounted on product shelves.

Although this project specifically required Apple compatibility, Kiube liked the fact that Socket Mobile’s barcode scanner is fully compatible with all the major OS’s on the market. In case a future client wished to deploy on an Android or Windows device, they could be confident that the scanner would be suitable.

Royal Canin customers receive a great purchasing experience while the company gets some invaluable information back from the system. Each kiosk has a tracking system to review what has been looked at and scanned, helping them identify trends and gain insight into their customers, ensuring their future as a market leader. Based on the initial success of this project, Royal Canin began looking at future deployments in other countries.

Managing Director of Kiube Mobile said, “Socket Mobile directly appeared to us as the PLUG’N PLAY solution in term of scanning. Whereas we develop apps where the camera can be used to scan different type of barcodes, Socket Mobile offers a complete, READY to use solution for mobile devices. We are talking here about a solution, more than just a device, as the hardware has been created by developers for developers.”