DuraCase Charging Adapter

The DuraCase Charging Adapter is a conveniently mobile form of charging the 800 Series and mobile phone simultaneously. Simply plug the Charging Adapter to the DuraCase with the scanner and mobile device for dual charging.

Tammi is traveling, making house calls to customers using her DuraCase and 800 Series scanner. Unfortunately, she finishes with her last customer of the day, but notices her battery is low. What is she to do? She’s on the road and needs to charge her DuraCase now.

Luckily, Tammi brought her DuraCase Charging Adapter. Small, light, and fitting in her purse, the convenience of the adapter is priceless as Tammi plugs in her DuraCase with both her scanner and phone attached, simultaneously charging both devices at the same time. Tammi simply plugs in and snaps the attached devices into place. As if Tammi’s DuraCase wasn’t already convenient.

Applicable Industries:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Commercial Services