D600 Loyalty Card

D600 Contactless Reader/Writer Industry Uses

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Facilities that host and house guests strive to provide an experience that creates a homey atmosphere, giving guests a feeling of comfort and ease. RFID and NFC use in the hospitality industry can provide so much more for their guests with the use of ID bracelets instead of easily lost card keys and tickets, or additional promos and discounts available on the grounds of the facilities. Even vendors benefit with the use of cheaper, more reliable technology.


A family checks into a resort, but instead of the parents receiving room keys, they’re given ID bracelets that won’t be lost. During their stay, the facility has RFID tags throughout the grounds that provide notifications for discounts on food within their restaurants, as well as movies and other forms of entertainment that are provided. By simply passing their RFID bracelets of readers, the family is provided more information to personalize their stay, granting them access to shows or events, possibly even discounting prices.

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