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Empower the Mobile Device Workforce with DuraCase


Marvin is your typical hardworking manager for a fast-growing start-up company. His single role requires multiple hats. One day he’s meeting with new clients; the next he’s checking inventory. Switching to the attachable 800 Series’ scanner was a lifesaver. Simply attaching the cordless barcode reader to his iPad provided real-time status on inventory and orders, reduced paperwork, and improved mobility. Pounds of weight lifted from mobile Marvin’s shoulders.


Admiring his beautifully attached Bluetooth reader, he thought, “If only there was a way to protect my mobile scanner...”

With the resilient, Elastomeric (rubber) casing and RAM® IntelliSkinof the DuraCase, Marvin can satisfactorily protect his mobile Point of Sale solution.

Fitting as snug as a glove, the DuraCase maintains the 800 Series’ credit-card size that Marvin adores. While protecting the scanner and mobile, DuraCase allows Marvin to keep both his business dealings and personal connections accessible in his pocket, easily switching from scans to calls.

Imagine the chaos if Marvin damaged his personal device and work reader. Losing contacts or work orders could get him fired. Now, if Marvin drops his DuraCase coming out of the car, the flexible and durable RAM® IntelliSkincasing prevents scratches from damaging his attached scanner and phone.

And, for a germaphobe like Marvin who uses hand-sanitizer every 10 minutes, the DuraCase’s antimicrobial material sets his mind a little more at ease, especially on days when he’s shaking hands with stranger after stranger. Not everyone washes their hands after blowing their nose, after all.

The strong and flexible DuraCase also charges both devices simultaneously. There’s no need for disconnecting his devices at the end of the day.

The DuraCase makes for a perfect travel companion and safeguard for Marvin.