NFC is a common use for payment at stores. Without taking out a wallet, a phone is scanned to automatically pay for goods at the counter. Better yet, special rates and discounts are automatically awarded to customers in loyalty programs, simply by passing within close proximity to their favorite shops.



Isabelle is an avid shopper. She loves spending her weekends walking along strip malls. She’s become a savvy shopper and knows which stores have the best bargains. Or, so she thinks.

One of her favorite cosmetic stores catches her eye, but she figures she should continue to her secondary choice – a discount store with 10% off signs in the front. As she passes the doors of her favorite boutique, sweeping close to the windows for a harmless peek, she gets a ping on her phone. It’s an alert from the store: 25% Off Any Total Purchase for Today Only. Isabelle forgot that she’d signed up for the NFC alerts a couple weeks ago. With such a bargain lying in front of her, Isabelle turns into her favorite shop with a smile on her face.