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In order to add your application to the Apple AppStore, Apple requires all hardware companies (Socket Mobile) to follow a process and submit details for 3rd party applications so that they can be added to their authorized application list. The approval process is simple and typically take 5 working days from submission of your completed MFi request form.

These steps can take 1-day to 3-weeks to complete.

Average time is usually 1-week.


  1. Register App - Register your app and create an AppKey Create New Application using our simple form.


  1. Submit - From your list of registered apps Application Details click the edit icon alongside the application that you wish to put forward for MFi approval and you will be presented with 3 forms on the ‘Manage Application’ page. Select ‘Submit for MFi Approval’. Ensure that all the details are correct. Use the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the form to make any changes. Return to the MFi submission form once you are satisfied that all your application details are correct, then click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the form. *



  1. Approval Now it’s our turn! We will now submit your application details to Apple. The MFi status will be updated in your portal and you will receive email notifications as your submission progresses through the process, including when approval is granted.

    *Please note that to avoid a rejection of updates to the Apple AppStore, any changes to the application details after initial submission, including version, should be resubmitted using the MFi submission form.