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Utility software to configure  Socket Mobile Barcode scanners

  • Help to configure and connect host device to Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanner.
  • Eliminating trouble regarding the connection with host device 
  • Supporting two different connection modes
  • Basic( HID) Mode
  • Application(SPP/MFi) Mode
  • Checking status of scanner such as battery life and warranty.




Keyboard Extension

Drawback in using Basic(HID) mode is slow and less-reliable in data transfer over Bluetooth. Keyboard Extension allows to connect to host device in Application(SPP/MFi)mode without using CaptureSDK, resulting in very fast and reliable data transfer. Furthermore with Keyboard Extension, both application running in Basic and in Application mode can be accessed to send barcode data without switching connection mode.

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Rumba is a web browser that enables high speed, high performance barcode scanning, and NFC tag reading with Socket Mobile barcode scanners and RFID readers. It also provides:

  • Quick data editing for adding user defined suffix to the scanned data
  • Customizable UI through Javascript API
  • Full scanner control over Javascript based CaptureSDK


Socket Mobile Rumba


Stock Counting application

  • Counting inventory
  • Scanner button can be triggered by soft-button on screen
  • Supporting D600(NFC/RFID reader and writer) to read HF Tag

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Property setting for Scanner

  • Firmware version, Bluetooth Address, battery life and etc.
  • On/Off setting for Beep and vibration
  • Setting Prefix such as CR, LF, TAB and etc
  • Setting barcode symbologies