Socket Mobile has set-up a three step process for you, Socket Mobile and Apple® to work together.

In fact, Apple requires all hardware companies (Socket Mobile) to submit app details for 3rd party applications.

These steps can take 1-day to 3-weeks to complete.

Average time is usually 1-week.


Start Here!

Please, register your app - create an AppKey with the following information.
  1. Application name as it will appear on the App Store
  2. Application version as it will appear on the App Store
  3. Application bundle ID
  4. Any protocol strings you are using other than com.socketmobile.chs
  5. Functional description of your application
  6. Socket Mobile Developer ID

These steps can take 3-5 business days to gain approval. Please, submit your information as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Changes to application name and Bundle ID will require re-submission to Apple.


Socket Mobile presentará su aplicación a
Apple MFi para su revisión y aprobación.


Apple MFI aprueba la aplicación y luego
previa su autorización, Socket Mobile
publicará su aplicación en nuestra Página
web de aplicaciones de colaboradores.