Charging Dock
SKU# AC4133-1871

The Charging Dock charges 600/700 series Socket Mobile products. Charge your scanner/reader and remain serviceable at the same time. Providing a method to use the Auto Scan feature with 2D barcode scanners or the RFID reader, the dock is ideal for scanning/reading from mobile devices.  In addition, the ingenious design incorporates small magnets to align the charging dock and the scanner/reader, helping to firmly secure the scanner/reader to the Charging Dock. As a dock, the charging dock is stylish, eliminating ugly wires from site. As a charger, the dock is reliable and versatile.

Charging Stand with Security Feature

SKU# AC4159-1956

The Socket Mobile Charging Stand is designed for flexible use with protective features to safeguard your barcode scanner. With the auto scan feature, the barcode scanner can charge on the stand while remaining serviceable and stationary, simultaneously scanning barcodes without anyone pressing a button. The stand’s structure is designed with safety functions – a short and sturdy stand with magnets clinging to the barcode scanner and a weighted base for a secure holding place. The addition of the attachable security cable prevents the device from being misplaced. 

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Charging Dock & Security Base

SKU# AC4176-1975

The Charging Dock with Security Base charges 600/700 series Socket Mobile products while providing a secure place to hold the scanner. Charge your scanner/reader and remain operational at the same time. Providing a method to use the Auto Scan feature with 2D barcode scanners or the RFID reader, the dock is ideal for scanning/reading from mobile devices. The Security Base keeps the Charging Dock stable in one spot, while the attached cable prevents the device from being misplaced. In addition, the design incorporates small magnets to align the charging dock and the scanner/reader, helping firmly secure to the Charging Dock. 


Charging Cradle
SKU# AC4102-1695

The Charging Cradle is designed to recharge and provide easy storage of the DuraScan scanners. When not in use or in between scanning sessions, scanners can charge on the cradle, set up in multiple ways. A multi-angle mounting bracket sets the cradle in different positions on a flat surface, or attaches to a wall for optimal comfort.

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Charging Mount
SKU# AC4088-1657

The Charging Mount is a mount for the Series 7 and 6/700 Series barcode scanners. It is designed for placement flexibility to maximize barcode scanning. The ingenious design incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the bottom of the scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the Charging Stand.

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Holster with rotating belt clip for 7/600/700 Series

SKU# AC4131-1829

Maximize your hands-free capability with Socket Mobile's barcode scanning holster - a convenient and secure resting place for your scanner while you move from one job to the next. When your hands are busy rustling up other tasks, your scanner remains safe on your hip, waiting to be drawn whenever you are ready.





Soporte para escáner y teléfono para los productos de la 7/600/700

SKU# AC4162-1959

Conecte juntos el teléfono y escáner para una solución de lectura de códigos de barras con una sola mano. Solo conecte y desconecte al interruptor de un dispositivo de escáner doble a un escáner simple.

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Lanyard for Barcode Scanners
SKU# AC4100-1692

This breakaway Lanyard with belt clip leaves your hands free for multi-tasking. Designed for the added weight of the durable scanner series, this heavy-lifter is compatible with all of Socket Mobile’s scanners, giving you the option to carry the scanner around your neck, or use the belt clip to attach at your hip. The retractable pull reel provides additional lengthening for maximum scanning reach while the breakaway feature provides safety.




Durable Retractable Clip for 7/600/700/800 Series

SKU# AC4130-1828

Combine secure accessibility with durability and you get the Durable Pull Reel Clip - a secure resting place for users’ peace of mind and the ease of use they desire while scanning. Providing extended reach with 47” (1.2 meters), the chord is made of stainless steel chain for extended life expectancy while the quick-draw retractor keeps Socket Mobile scanners secure and ready to use.



Wrist Strap for DuraCase & 7/600/700/800 Series
SKU# AC4126-1794

Maximize the convenience of your Socket Mobile products 7/600/700 and 800 Series combination with the addition of a wrist strap. By keeping your attachable scanner/Reader with hands-reach, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience in multi-tasking while having the scanner at your fingertips.




USB A Male to DC Plug Charging Cable (DC Barrel Jack)
SKU# AC4051-1192

Allows you to charge the  7/600/700 Series barcode scanners from a USB slot (2A maximum).

Perfect for on-the-go, mobile charging from a notebook computer or other device or from any environment with limited access to AC power outlets.


AC Power Supply, 1 AMP, USB (Europe or United Kingdom ONLY)

Charge your 600/700/800 Series scanner with this Type C (Europe) or Type G (United Kingdom) - AC Power Supply.