DuraSled Charging Adapter

As a small, attachable, one-handed, and overall convenient barcode scanner, the DuraSled requires an equally convenient means of charging. The DuraSled Charging Adapter is easy to plug in and charge. Just plug in, snap in place, and wait for your barcode scanner with device to charge. You will be back on the job with your trusty DuraSled in no time.


DuraSled Single Charging Dock

Connect your DuraSled to the Charging Dock to simultaneously charge your scanner and mobile device as one. The exterior docking contacts are specifically engineered for securely docking and charging both devices in the DuraSled. Durably designed, the docking station withstands repeated docking and undocking. Embedded magnets guide the DuraSled and hold the docking station in place.




Vehicle Charging Dock für DuraSled

SKU# AC4192-2181

The Vehicle Charging Dock is a mounted charger for the DuraSled that provides users the freedom to charge their scanner and phone while on the go. Ideal for workers who are in and out of automobiles and need a secure, reliable holder to keep their phone and scanner charged.


DuraSled 6 Multi Bay Charger

Charge up to six separate DuraSled – 800 Series scanners and mobile devices with the DuraSled 6 Multi Bay Charger.



DuraSled Holster
SKU# AC4145-1903

Maximize your hands-free capability with Socket Mobile’s holster – a convenient and secure resting place for the DuraSled. While you move from one job to the next, your device remains safely tucked away. With a rotating belt clip and cover, you’re equipped for maximum mobility while remaining confident that your phone’s scanner will not fall during movement. When your hands are busy, your DuraSled and phone remain waiting to be drawn whenever you’re ready, safe on your belt, pocket, vest, jacket, etc. (NOT compatible with iPhone 6/7/8 Plus)
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DuraSled Multi Charger AC Power Cord – Europe / United Kingdom

Designed to connect to the DuraSled Multi-Bay Charger and an outlet to recharge the 800 Series scanner and attached mobile devices.




Lanyard for Barcode Scanners
SKU# AC4100-1692

This breakaway Lanyard with belt clip leaves your hands free for multi-tasking. Designed for the added weight of the durable scanner series, this heavy-lifter is compatible with all of Socket Mobile’s scanners, giving you the option to carry the scanner around your neck, or use the belt clip to attach at your hip. The retractable pull reel provides additional lengthening for maximum scanning reach while the breakaway feature provides safety.


FlexGuard for 800 Series Scanners
SKU# AC4173-1973

Protect your 800 Series scanner with FlexGuard – a custom molded sleeve for the 800 Series Scanners. It protects the 800 Series barcode scanners against the inevitable drops and bumps of heavy usage. Its durable, high-quality, washable silicon is strong enough to resist tears, cracking, and over-stretching.





800 Series Klip, Universal, Black
SKU# AC4069-1503

The Universal Klip enables secure attachment of the 800 Series barcode scanner to a smartphone or multimedia player. The Klip provides a one-handed scanning solution. It's ideal for applications that require handling additional materials or equipment. The 3M adhesive strip allows easy attachment to protective cases & devices.


800 Series Klip Case

The Klip Case enables secure attachment of the SocketScan® 800 Series (formerly Series 8) barcode scanner to your device. The Klip provides a one-handed scanning solution. It's ideal for applications that require handling additional materials or equipment.




Durable Retractable Clip for 7/600/700/800 Series

SKU# AC4130-1828

Combine secure accessibility with durability and you get the Durable Pull Reel Clip - a secure resting place for users’ peace of mind and the ease of use they desire while scanning. Providing extended reach with 47” (1.2 meters), the chord is made of stainless steel chain for extended life expectancy while the quick-draw retractor keeps Socket Mobile scanners secure and ready to use.



Wrist Strap for DuraSled & 7/600/700/800 Series
SKU# AC4126-1794

Maximize the convenience of your Socket Mobile products 7/600/700 and 800 Series combination with the addition of a wrist strap. By keeping your attachable scanner/Reader with hands-reach, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience in multi-tasking while having the scanner at your fingertips.




800 Series Charging Cable, USB

SKU# AC4064-1498

Conveniently charge your 800 Series barcode scanners with this USB to micro USB charging cable.



Charge your 600/700/800 Series scanner with this Type C/Type G - AC Power Supply.