Quality control in manufacturing using a barcode scanner

Soluciones industriales y de fabricación para procesos y control de calidad

With data capture and delivery solutions, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and RFID readers aid the management system of warehouses with real-time reflections of inventory and orders, enabling a constant connection to corporate networks.

The jobs in a warehouse are physically demanding. The coordination of the details of a business’ deliveries and stocking can be back-breaking and headache-inducing. Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions lighten that workload and stress just a little bit.

Success Stories:

  • National Packaging Company: Without disruption to their existing order processing system the client now has full access to real time palletized stock details so that they can produce immediate stock location information to their workers and stock take information to their customers. Errors have been significantly reduced, and some stock which had been missing for some time was even located when using the new system.
  • BSS Business Software Solutions: Users have the freedom to walk around their warehouse (which can be very large) and sell/check their inventory (without having to go back to the iPad Production Terminal to check the data), therefore saving time and making the warehouse process more efficient. The DuraCase also comes with the added benefit of providing protection for the iPod, which is required in the dusty environment it is used in. Used with the charging dock with the magnetic contacts, this makes the ideal mobile device to use in a veneer warehouse.


  • For a durable and long distance solution, we recommend the DuraScan D730.
  • For speed and future proofing, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPhone.