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Miscalculations on deliveries and stocking are easily made without the use of a secure and dependable tracking system. While much of the work in a warehouse is physical, scanning barcodes doesn't have to be. With the use of a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, simply scan work orders and skip the use of paper and pencil.

Use Case:

  • Eby-Brown maintains their warehouses with the use of Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners keeping track of inventory. Using Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and RFID readers alongside their iPad Mini Application, Eby-Brown tracks their inventory in-house. As a leading wholeseller for the convenience industry, Eby-Brown delivers solutions to retailers and distributors of all sizes.

Success Stories

  • Stemple Creek Ranch: A ranch needs to track sales and products every day. With multiple pastures of cattle and sheep to maintain, proper tracking of supplies and meats are essential for Stemple Creek Ranch's industry. They needed a proper POS system to streamline their productivity and a scanner that was compatible with their inventory system’s software.
  • Envia Mi Compra: Clients wanted to pay online and have their packages delivered to their home or office. Envia Mi Compra needed to implement a solution that allowed them to scan packages in real time. They track every package on each key point (when arrived at the airport, when loaded to the trucks, when stored on their warehouse) and more important, they are able to verify, in real-time, whether a package’s postage is paid or not.