Congressional School Falls Church, Virginia Success Story

The Customer

Founded in 1939, Congressional School is an independent, co-ed day school in Falls Church, VA. Serving 350 students annually with a rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum, the school offers childcare for babies and infants, while educating children up to grade 8.

The Challenge

Congressional School was looking to use a modern POS (point of sale) system to scan school supplies’ barcodes from their iPad in a fast and seamless way. They found Socket Mobile’s data capture and delivery solutions, but they still needed help setting up the new system and understanding what Socket Mobile could do for them.

The Socket Mobile Solution

The Colorful Series 7, 7Ci barcode scanner models 

With Socket Mobile’s technical support, they were shown how to pair their new 7Ci scanner with their iPad and download our app from the app store. When the customer scanned their first barcode, their shock and awe was magical. The setup was very easy and didn’t require much support after all. Using only an iPad to process sales helped save them money on their hardware for the store and made it much easier to do mobile sales. The Colorful Series 7 scanner made capturing data just as fast as a desktop computer.

The Results

The customer found their new Colorful Series 7 scanner well-made and easy to use. They are now able to do sales faster and have a much better experience than using a non-native integration. Socket Mobile’s solution allowed for seamless integration that a regular scanner could not provide. Having access to the SDK (software development kit) allowed them to have application specific logic which created a hands-free process. The iPad does not need interaction to scan items; processing by tapping on fields became a thing of the past. The SDK also allowed them to do out-of-box camera scanning with very little work. Socket mobile’s technical support team was happy to help Congressional School begin their new data capture and delivery solutions for enhanced productivity.