POS Barcode Scanner used by Jakes Fireworks

Jakes Fireworks

The Customer

Jake’s Fireworks is an importer, distributor, and retailer of consumer class fireworks; they celebrate tradition, providing families and friends the opportunity to give their special events a ceremonial bang. As one of the largest distributors in the United States and western hemisphere, the company carries a sizeable retail market footprint, operating nearly 500 fireworks stores across the country, including seasonal pop-up shops that require a specialized Point of Sale (POS) solution.


The Challenge

Jake’s Fireworks needed an easy-to-use, low-cost scanning device to deploy their custom POS solution (“Fuse POS”) to use in temporary stores during the 4th of July holiday season. These pop-up shops open and close so quickly, their temporary employees needed to keep management as simplistic as possible. The inventory devices had to integrate seamlessly with other components, minimal configuration and set up out of the box.

“Much of the POS world involves interfacing with antiquated serial device hardware components operating in Windows-based domain environments.  These… are not conducive to what is essentially a mobile sales environment. We needed an android-compatible device with a robust API that would communicate using modernized technologies, like blue-tooth… We were looking for the perfect blend of portability, functionality, and ruggedness. Socket Mobile's Ci and Qi models helped us achieve that.” – Benjamin Turner, CIO of Jake’s Fireworks

The Socket Mobile Solution

The 7Ci and 7Qi barcode scanner models 

The Colorful 7 Series was the answer to Jake’s Fireworks’ problems. Modernizing pop-up-shops by dropping old-school registers and picking up a high functioning POS system, provided them with a “… virtual treasure trove of data analytics that will amount to millions of dollars in savings,” said Turner.


The Results

Socket Mobile's “rock-solid” devices made reliability and connectivity an afterthought. The Colorful Series 7 models allowed Jake’s Fireworks to focus on applications development, not hardware or data capture issues – the typical rabbit hole for POS.  With more than 1300 Socket Mobile Ci and Qi barcode scanners in the field, Jake’s Fireworks operates more efficiently, managing inventory in real-time, making better targeted decisions for product distribution. “Sales are up. Shrinkage is down,” - Turner.