Holster with Rotating Belt Clip

 Maximize hands-free capability with Socket Mobile’s holster – a conveniently secure resting place for Socket Mobile's barcode scanner or RFID reader.  

There’s more to logistics, retail, check-ins, hospitality than scanning barcodes. Your trusty scanner is inseparable while you’re on the job, but at some point, that device needs to be released from your grip. Where do you place such an invested instrument down? Where will it be safe and easily found when you need it again? The Holster with rotating belt clip may be the answer to these problems.

Taking orders from the window of his food truck, Manuel scribbles a triple decker with blue cheese and bacon, then quickly turns to his griddle, accidently rolling his scanner over into a pool of greasy crumbs. Quickly wiping off the device, he starts frying up home-made buttered bread, wishing he could keep his scanner a bit cleaner in the process of maintaining a sanitary station.

Gene drives door to door, delivering packages. Running through the rain with several packages and scanner in his pocket, he rings the doorbell, fumbling with the articles in his arms to hand over the package. Placing the package on the ground, the scanner slips out of his pocket, dropping into a shallow puddle. Grumbling, Gene bends down again to grab the soaked scanner for the tenth time that day. The scanner is long-lasting, but Gene’s patience isn’t.

Socket Mobile’s Holster with rotating belt clip provides both the security and accessibility that so many workers need when using their scanners or reader.

With the holster attached to his hip, Manuel now jots down orders, fries up a sandwich while scanning coupons and all while keeping his scanner out of the grease, off the floor and at the ready.

When Gene clips the Holster to his belt with his scanner secured, now he confidently carries boxes for delivery, no longer worrying over juggling his scanner with his deliveries in hand, or concerned about the scanner falling out of a pocket.

No matter what industry you work in, there’s an attachable accessory to meet your personal preference and needs at work.



Applicable Industries:

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center
  • Retail Store
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Field Sales/Service
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation/Delivery