The Durable Pull Reel Clip combines secure accessibility with durability.

Socket Mobile is a data capture manufacturer that realizes users have more than scanning and RFID reading to accomplish in the workplace. Humans are mobile creatures, as well as clumsy. Using a Durable Retractable Clip can help objects avoid falling or being misplaced.

One by one, Mariah scans barcodes on a pile of boxes, preparing for her next shipment for her small business. Scan, scan, scan, scan… She puts the scanner down, walks across the room to shuffle the next pile of boxes for more scanning. But, wait… where did the scanner go? Amongst the sea of boxes, it’s easy to misplace such a small device. But, keeping the device handy would be even better.

The Durable Retractable Clip is a tough clip that was created for long-lasting. If the job requires a tougher skin, then it probably requires a tougher clip for your scanner, too.

Clipped on her belt or vest, Mariah never loses track of her scanner now. She can move all over the warehouse and office while maintaining easy access and constant use with the retractable clip, confident in its longevity.


Applicable Industries:

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center
  • Retail Store
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Field Sales/Service
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation/Delivery