4 Reasons the SocketCam C820 Software-Based Scanner May Be Just What You Need

February 24, 2022 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG PRODUCT TECH UPDATES

Ever since smartphone cameras have been used to scan and lookup data from barcodes, users have had a wealth of information available at their fingertips. The ability to quickly scan a code and discover everything you ever thought you needed to know about it has never been so accessible.

Using our CaptureSDK, the SocketCam C820 brings dedicated scanning technology into the hands of more users than ever before.

Whether your app users are just getting started or have more advanced scanning needs, the C820 may be exactly what they need. Below are four examples of why CaptureSDK and the SocketCam C820 may be the right scanning solution for your application.

Reduce Overhead for New Businesses

Let's be honest: when starting a new business, every penny counts. New owners meticulously track every expenditure, classifying their purchases into different priority levels. And often, capital investments in technology like handheld scanners don't make the cut for top-level expenses.

That's where SocketCam C820 comes in. You can offer automated data capture solutions without requiring your users to make a big investment. By integrating CaptureSDK, you are giving your users the benefit of a dedicated, camera-based scanning solution now and into the future, with only one integration ever needed. There's no equipment purchase necessary, and CaptureSDK is—and has always been—free to use.

Scanners Are Nice to Have When You Need Them

For established companies, maybe they don't have extensive needs for scanning technology. Perhaps they only need scanners on an irregular or quarterly basis for things such as product inventory.

When only scanning a few times a year, businesses may not want to invest in numerous standalone scanners. If they're not scanning extensively, the SocketCam C820 is an easy solution. Included in CaptureSDK and added to any smartphone, SocketCam makes the scanning process easy, convenient, and in many ways more efficient without the added hardware.

Short-Term, Heavy Usage Periods

Consider the opposite end of the spectrum, where your users employ scanners extensively, day in and day out. In those instances, having a dedicated handheld scanner is a necessity. Even then, though, sometimes that's not enough.

Even if your users already have several of our handheld scanners, they may encounter periods where additional scanning capacity is required. Consider a busy period for retail. Or a rush project that needs all hands on deck. Does it really make sense to have excess standalone scanners sitting around waiting for these rare, rush periods?

The SocketCam C820 is an excellent short-term solution. By integrating CaptureSDK into your app, your users can turn any smartphone into a scanner and rapidly scale up their team's scanning capacity.

The C820 can also be used as a backup; suppose a user accidentally left a physical scanner at home or a job site? Or forgot to charge it? With the C820, they can be confident that they'll always remain productive without having to worry about shutting down or delaying a project due to external hardware issues.

Try It – Never Forced to Buy It

It happens all the time – you and your users invest in scanning solutions, only to find that it's not quite right. Either it doesn't meet expectations or is missing critical functionality. Online research can offer a wealth of information, but the only real way to know if any solution will meet you and your user's needs is to invest the time, money, and energy into setting it up for daily use.

That's where the advantage of our C820 scanner and CaptureSDK comes into play; they're always free!

The SocketCam C820 is not a trial version of our product or “free for a limited time,” with most features disabled. It's the real deal. Your users can integrate automatic data capture into their daily processes and fully assess how it speeds up data entry processes or eliminates human error – with no additional costs or hardware.

When you integrate CaptureSDK into your app, you can put the C820 to work and immediately see how your app handles data capture—no more taking the time to order and wait for a standalone scanner to arrive. And because the C820 works off the same CaptureSDK, you know that your app will work seamlessly with all Socket Mobile data readers.

For your users, this means that if (or when) the need arises, they can upgrade to another scanner in the SocketCam family or move on to a standalone SocketScan, DuraScan or DuraSled barcode scanner, with no additional effort from you and no changes to your app.

Take the First Step

The SocketCam C820 is the first entry in the SocketCam product family is always free for users and offers basic, quick, and reliable 1D and 2D scanning capabilities.

Future improvements and upgrades are coming soon and will include subscription-based, upgraded versions that will feature:

  • Capabilities to scan additional types of barcodes
  • Enhanced capture ability for diverse lighting conditions and tough to read barcodes
  • Faster scanning speeds

Ready to get started with adding our CaptureSDK to your tech stack? Learn how to integrate our solution into your application with our step-by-step guide.

Try it free.

Test out our data reading and scanning technology for free with SocketCam. The SocketCam C820 lets you scan directly into your feature application using the camera on your mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.