Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner's Certification for User Experience

January 16, 2017 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

Co-Authored by Vince Coli


At Socket Mobile we have a passion for product design.  The user experience drives the strategy of our products from start to finish.  This experience starts with how the device feels in your hand, followed by how it functions throughout your work day.


The unique shape of our 700 Series scanners is based on the simple action of a handshake. Examine our scanners and you will not see a straight edge or sharp corner.  All of the shapes are contoured and follow a constant radius – like a human hand.  We realize that many of our users grip and hold our scanners through their whole work day, which is why we designed our devices for the ultimate handling comfort.

When you hold the scanner, your thumb rests on top of the trigger button. The positioning and oval shape of the trigger button is borrowed from a worry stone.  So, in addition to initiating a barcode read, the trigger button may contribute to relaxation or anxiety relief. Maintaining a state of calm is a perk at work.

Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners also provide visual, audio, and tactical feedback to keep the user updated on the actions and status of the scanner – all of which is intuitive.  A low-to-high tone indicates the scanner is powered on while a high-to-low tone indicates it is powered off.  Flashing LED lights indicate various operations are taking place: low battery, Bluetooth® connection, etc.

Operating feedback is programmable depending on the user’s preference or operating environment.  For instance, blinking LEDs are sufficient in an office environment while vibrating feedback is appropriate in a noisy environment and all tones can be disabled for a noiseless environment, like the night shift in a hospital.

We also provide programmatic control of the entire operation for the scanner.  So when the scanner is connected to a smartphone or a tablet, all of these user experiences can be augmented by the mobile device.

We were delighted to share our story with the Department of Justice when they selected our Series 7, 7Xi barcode scanner for a project. Their department was so impressed with the 7Xi components that the scanner was approved by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act standards.  This means that our 7Xi (as well as all of our scanners) provide user interfaces for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.

So, whether you are a government agency or a small business owner looking to create a more inviting work environment, take a close look at the user experience Socket Mobile’s products offer.

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