Socket Mobile Announces Comprehensive Recycling and Trade-In Program

December 19, 2023 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Fremont, CA - December 19, 2023 - Socket Mobile, a leading data capture and delivery solutions provider, is proud to announce its comprehensive Recycling Center and Outlet Store Opens in WW site (AU, EMEA, UK), marking a significant stride in its commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible global citizenship. 

This initiative offers customers the dual benefits of being able to recycle/trade in old units and provides the option to purchase high-quality, factory-certified refurbished data capture devices at a reduced cost. Once traded in, Socket Mobile ensures the customer's old units will be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner through a responsible recycling organization. 

"At Socket Mobile, we are deeply invested in doing our part to reduce the environmental footprint of our products," said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. "Our comprehensive recycling and trade-in programs reflect this commitment, providing our customers with eco-friendly options to dispose of old units while ensuring continued access to efficient data capture technology. By participating in these programs, customers join us in a critical mission to reduce waste and combat climate change. Our joint efforts in recycling and opting for refurbished devices not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also signify our collective endeavor towards a greener future. We are excited to work alongside our customers in this significant journey and are eager to explore further innovative solutions to enhance our environmental initiatives." 

The Socket Mobile Recycling Center enables customers to send in their old, unwanted units for responsible recycling and refurbishment, extending the lifecycle of the products and reducing waste. Additionally, the trade-in program allows customers to exchange their old units for a discount on a new reader of their choice, providing the option to adopt new data capture technologies at a lower price. 

In its pursuit of sustainability, Socket Mobile has implemented environmentally conscious practices across its operations. The company utilizes 100% recyclable shipping boxes, free from harmful dyeing chemicals, and has removed USB charging adapters from its products to reduce electronic waste, acknowledging the prevalence of these adapters in most businesses. 

In addition to these initiatives, Socket Mobile is proud to comply with various environmental directives. The company complies with the RoHS Directive, limiting the use of hazardous substances in electronic equipment, particularly for products sold in European markets. It also meets the WEEE Directive's standards for efficient recyclability or breakdown of equipment at its end-of-life. Additionally, Socket Mobile's products comply with EU REACH regulations concerning the safe use and management of chemicals. 

Socket Mobile invites community members to share their ideas for enhancing the company's environmental efforts at, as it continues to seek innovative ways to create a lasting positive impact on the environment. 

Explore Socket Mobile's Recycling Center and Outlet Store Opens in WW site (AU, EMEA, UK)

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