Bluetooth Barcode Scanners and Your App: Finding the Perfect Match

January 20, 2020 by Amelia Albanese | BLOG

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Are you wondering which Bluetooth barcode scanner is going to be the best fit for your app? There is no one-size-fits-all barcode scanner anymore. Bulky, thin, corded, cordless, attachable, durable, high-end… your options are almost endless. If you want to get the best bang for your buck and streamline your production (no matter what it is), then you need to have a crystal-clear understanding of your scanning needs and how they are compatible with your scanning application. 

Are you scanning inventory? Retail purchases? 

Do you scan in bulk? Do you scan single items at a kiosk? Or, do you have a mobile business that keeps you on the road? Do you juggle multiple devices or tools?

With a variety of barcode scanners on the market, the right solution for your business is reliant on the industry you work in, as well as the type of code you are scanning with your POS system for your company. 

Choose the right POS and scanner combination to fit your business’ needs. Understanding which barcode scanner works best for your app depends on your business plan. 

Imagers – 1D Barcode Scanners

There’s nothing wrong with basic. 1D is the most popular and well-known barcode, which means it’s the most basic and widely used barcode. Consequently, it’s usually the most inexpensive option, as well. If a work environment doesn’t have any additional needs or peculiar working environments, the basic 1D scanner for 1D barcodes is the best bet for simplistic barcode scanning needs. 

Lasers – 1D Barcode Scanners

Fast-scanning reaches higher points, tight corners, through plastic and glass – laser barcode scanners are the superheroes of scanners. They’re speedy and can reach places other scanners can’t. But even a superhero has a weak spot, and for lasers, their kryptonite is reading on screens. No one’s perfect. Not even Superman. 

QR/2D Barcode Scanners

Two-dimensional, aka QR, barcode scanners are highly versatile pieces of machinery. Not only do they scan QR codes, but they also scan one-dimensional codes, covering all bases for a business. Socket Mobile likes to refer to this as “future-proofing” a business’ scanning needs because a company may use 1D today, but what’s to stop them from using 2D tomorrow? With a 2D scanner, users can scan 1D or 2D barcodes on screen or on paper. Though you can’t claim any device is faultless, a 2D barcode scanner’s limitations are hard to find.

QR codes are widely known with their versatility and popularity being used for widespread marketing campaigns and incorporating barcode art within the codes. QR codes are even utilized in manufacturing warehouses because a 2D barcode holds roughly 100 times more characters than a 1D barcode for text. They also have the ability to store voice and image information, which a 1D code is not capable of doing. (See Reasons to Choose 2-Dimensional Barcode Imager). 

Attachable Barcode Scanners

These handy, dandy barcode scanners eliminate two-handed usage. For people who are attempting the balancing act that includes a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) along with a barcode scanner, they may find their hands are too full to do anything else. Ever tried holding a device in each hand, then grabbing a piece of inventory? Three items for two hands eventually leads to something falling to the ground. 

Enter the attachable scanner. 

The attachable barcode scanner was made for mobility. It’s small, compact and lightweight. The addition of an attachable barcode scanner turns two devices into one. When a scanner is attached to a smart device, users’ smartphones become a form of Swiss army knife for mPOS systems. (See: Top Reasons to Choose an Attachable Barcode Scanner)

Bluetooth POS Compatibility

Not all barcode scanners are the same and neither is every POS is the same. Socket Mobile creates barcode scanners with Bluetooth to give users the freedom of movement when connected to their POS system, inventory app or other applications. There are many POS systems to choose from that are compatible with Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode scanners:

  • Square recommends Socket Mobile scanners for wireless connection. The Square POS app includes native support for the scanner.
  • ShopKeep provides native support for Socket Mobile scanners. Socket Mobile scanners are the only wireless scanners ShopKeep recommends.
  • Shopify provides native support for Socket Mobile 1D and 2D barcode scanners, which Shopify recommends for fast and accurate scanning. 

The Socket Mobile Stock Count app is one application that enables users to scan barcodes and then use that scanned information within the app. Software like Stock Count saves users both time and energy with wireless scanning. 

The Breakdown

The benefits of Bluetooth barcode scanners are not just an option; they have become a necessity. There are plenty of options of barcode scanners and POS systems to meet the individual needs of a business. Depending on the company, a business may need two or more different types of scanners – a basic 1D for the front end of the store and maybe a laser for the back end of the warehouse with high shelves. Break down your individual needs to establish which barcode scanners will provide the best solution for your company.

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