Socket Mobile Celebrates 30 Years of Data Capture Optimization

November 21, 2022 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG


Socket Mobile recently celebrated thirty amazing years of providing data capture solutions for our customers. Since 1992, our company has focused on creating tools to enhance the productivity of mobile workers, and we've accomplished many milestones along the way. None of that would have been possible without our partners, employees, and customers alike. Over the last thirty years, we've established ourselves as a trusted, industry-leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions. Needless to say, we had a lot to celebrate!

Together At Last

As many of us have remained working safely from home since the beginning of the pandemic we were all excited to finally get everyone at our Fremont, CA corporate offices. We were delighted to join together with local employees, those from other states, as well as our international team members that journeyed from Japan, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

We spent the week collaborating and building strong relationships within our regular teams as well as across departments that some have yet to have had the chance to connect with in person. We had meetings, lunches & dinners, and even took a “field trip” to the Computer History Museum Opens New Window in Mountain View. This was a great opportunity for all of us to strategize current and upcoming plans for Socket Mobile's success and make new friends as we did.

Celebrating with some Friendly Competition

On Wednesday afternoon, the company headed to Campo Di Bocce of Los Gatos Opens New Window for our 30th Anniversary party to celebrate our accomplishments. Attendees included current & former employees, outside legal counsel, current & former board members, guests of employees, and even little Socketeers!

A company-wide bocce ball tournament gave us some friendly competition. We broke up into teams of 4-5 players and played for several rounds until there was one last team standing!

Let's give a little recognition where due; these players fought until the end and came out on top for a well-deserved victory:

  • Charlie Bass (Founder of Socket Mobile and current Board Member)
  • Allen Park (Sales - Japan)
  • Steve Jones (Director of Customer Experience)
  • Matthew Robbins (SDK Engineer)

The winning team earned an engraved plaque on the Socket Mobile Bocce Ball Tournament trophy as well as Socket Mobile branded North Face backpacks. Congrats to you all on a well-deserved bocce tournament win!

Throughout the Years: Recognizing Long-Term Employees

The tournament was followed by a delicious dinner and recognition of our most faithful employees. Socket Mobile prides itself on our hard-working teams, many of which have stood strong with the company for decades. We recognized and awarded those that have gotten us to where we are today. Through the triumphs, challenges, and everything in between, those faithful Socketeers have shown passion and dedication through their work, and we appreciate them immensely.

See below for the full list of award recipients.

Looking Towards the Future

Lastly, we'd like to thank our customers, partners, and everyone that has had a hand in allowing Socket Mobile to celebrate 30 years of business. Our CEO said it best Opens Worldwide Website, “Creating new technology that changes how people work and enjoy life is exciting. In addition, the opportunity to work with a lot of highly motivated people is an experience of a lifetime.”

We put our hearts and souls into providing top-of-the-line data capture solutions that enhance the workplace, and without our believers and contributors, celebrating three decades of Socket Mobile would not be possible.

We love what we do because of you, and we look forward to the milestones and successes that the future holds ahead.

Cheers to another thirty years & many more after that 😊

Years of Service Awards

Over 30 years

  • Charlie Bass, Board Member and Founder

Over 25 Years

  • Kevin Mills, CEO
  • Len Ott, Engineer
  • Mohammad Azimy, Operations
  • Dave Dunlap, Board Member
  • Gary Cuevas, Retired
  • Lee Baillif, Retired
  • James Rebello, Engineer

Over 20 Years

  • Ivan Stoilov, Engineer
  • Ana Valdez, Operations
  • Judy McLaren, Operations
  • Rosa Isela Guizar, Operations
  • Gerald Herbel, Engineer
  • Eric Glaenzer, Engineer
  • Lynn Zhao, CFO
  • Mary Lourdes Daval-Santos, Retired
  • Marichel Tolentino, Operations

Over 15 Years

  • Beatris Betancourt, Operations
  • Anna Buckman, Global IT Applications Manager
  • Jason Wu, Controller
  • Charles Ader, Engineer
  • Irma Arteaga Serrato, Operations
  • Alma Navarrete, Operations
  • Vanessa Lindsay, Marketing
  • Diana Yoritate, Operations

Over 10 Years

  • Irma Pena, Sales
  • Chau Huynh, Operations
  • Steve Jones, Director of Customer Experience
  • Vince Coli, Engineer
  • Ana Espinoza, Operations

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