Colorful Barcode Readers Find Their Place in Retail

September 26, 2016 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

In a world full of color, it is hard to imagine why our technology has remained in the dark. People go to great lengths to add a splash of their own signature to beloved cell phones and laptops. For Socket Mobile, it only made sense that the growing need for handheld scanners and POS systems also desired a vibrancy to brighten up the work scene.

When Socket Mobile’s Colorful Series 7 barcode reader first came on the scene, businesses didn’t know what to make of it. Like teenagers intimidated by the new, good-looking kid at school, companies seemed to shy away from the flashy scanners. Opting for the typical grey scanners over the new red, blue, and yellow seemed the least optimal choice for a business. Maybe there isn’t a place for colorful scanners in the tech world or retail industry… Or, so we thought.

Before those colors had a chance to dim, “Socket Spottings” started popping up all over the place. Colorful scanners are hard to miss, especially in a grey and black industry, like barcode scanning.

At the entrance of a Bay Area Costco, a Socket Mobile employee spotted a blue barcode reader being used to scan deliveries from a Google Express carrier. Seeing a colorful and classy scanner to brighten the work day, the employee seemed very pleased with his barcode reader, keeping delivery statuses up to date in real time with ease.

At a boutique selling makeup and hair products, low and behold, there was a bright yellow scanner sitting on a stand at the checkout counter. Apparently, yellow is considered fashionable for a boutique setting. The scanner blended in nicely with the colorful products in store and displayed at the counter. Another yellow scanner was spotted at the check-in counter of a local California Trade Show. Seemingly, yellow is a popular choice for check-in counters. Perhaps they represent the welcoming, yellow smiley face that clerks try present to customers approaching their desk.

When caught on display during trade shows, red seems to be the color of choice. The type of trade show doesn’t seem to stifle the need for that red vibrance. From obvious electronic shows to less-related apparel shows, the red Series 7 scanner is the color of choice. Maybe it reminds people of the red carpet, an optimal association to make at such high-end demonstrations.

Of course, there are still the businesses that choose the typical grey model over the other Series 7 colors. At least selecting the dull grey is a testament to the usability of the Color Series – you can’t judge a scanner by its color, after all. Socket Spottings of the grey model are just as prominent when favorably used by a local Mercedes Benz dealer or at the LA Marathon Expo. Grey barcode readers are still great; they just don’t stand out as much since it tends to blend in the background.

Still, it is good to see that the Colorful Series 7 has more to offer than just a pretty face. The scanners would not sell if they didn’t work well. As a 1D, 2D, laser, or durable scanner, the variety and versatility offered are more than just a selection of colors.

The varying locations of these “Socket Spottings” also proves the ease of set up. Whether it is a stationary location (like a shop) or a temporary event (like a tradeshow or marathon), the Series 7 barcode reader proves itself in versatility and user-friendly behavior. As a scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology, it pairs simply with a mobile phone or tablet. It even maintains compatibility with the most popular operating systems (Apple®, Android, Windows®), so there’s even less hassle determining the proper coupling of scanner and mobile devices.

Keeping up with the growing demand of colors, Socket Mobile is brainstorming for their latest models of scanners. Green, orange, navy, and silver are all currently being discussed.

Who says that colored barcode scanners have no place in the world? Have you ever heard of a grey flower? Or, a grey gemstone? Imagining the world as a permanent black and white film does nothing for brightening up a work place.

So, keep an eye out for those colors. You never know where the next colorful Socket Spotting will turn up

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