DuraScan | Socket Mobile's Data Capture Solution for Accident-Prone Workers

December 10, 2018 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

Every company has that employee who's like a rhino in a glass house. There's always one or more personnel who can't help but break everything they touch. How can such clods be entrusted with valuable mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) equipment?

Meet Carl - a smart and hardworking individual who is very focused on getting all of his tasks done in a quick manner. Like so many people, all of this speed tends to make him a bit careless and awkward in his rush to get things done.

It's time to introduce clumsy Carl to the DuraScan® barcode scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology - the answer to many rushed and awkward mishaps at work.

For staff members like Carl, there's little time to read through lengthy user guides. Instruction manuals are necessary directions that provide vital information on proper use, care, set up, and specifications. Luckily, the DuraScan provides colorful LED lights, beeps, and vibrations that make communication with this high-tech barcode scanner as simple as possible. Even an employee like Carl has time for the brief introduction and out-of-the box data capture that Socket Mobile's scanner provides.

Likewise, in such rushed work environments, it's easy to misplace work items while stocking the warehouse. But, the lanyard for the DuraScan prevents workers, even Carl, from losing his cordless scanner between data capturing.

Breaks come and go quicker than a jack rabbit on fast forward. And in a rush, it's easy to forget about that scanner hanging on a durable lanyard when it's so comfortably light on the neck. Someone like Carl doesn't give it a second thought when he leans in to wash his hands, accidently giving that scanner a bath. Fortunately, the DuraScan is water-resistant with its outer material earning an IP54 rating.

With hard labor comes inevitable sweat. And sweat creates slippery hands that eventually lose their grip and drop items, big or small. Good thing the DuraScan can take a wallop of a beating. Withstanding multiple 5-ft. drops onto solid concrete from butter-fingers, like Carl, the DuraScan holds its own, bouncing back to work with barely a scratch.

And after a full-day's work shift, the intuitive scanner alerts when it needs charging with red LED lights. Lasting anywhere from a minimum of 9 active hours to over 30 inactive hours, the DuraScan doesn't stop working until it's time to punch out for the day.

Quality mobile scanners are an investment. And putting such instruments in the hands of accident-prone employees, like Carl, could be worrisome. That's why Socket Mobile created the DuraScan - to protect investments and give workers peace of mind. The job is stressful enough without worrying about clumsy staff damaging the POS equipment.

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