Differences Between Basic Mode and Application Mode

December 11, 2017 by Socket Mobile | PRODUCT TECH UPDATES

Socket Mobile products provide two different modes of connection to set up your barcode scanner – Basic Mode (HID) and Application Mode. Why choose Basic Mode? Why choose Application Mode? The differences lie in the abilities and setup process for each mode.

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Basic Mode is the simplest, quickest and most basic form of setting up your hardware. Basic Mode is a keyboard emulation mode, which provides scanned data in the form of a quick and accurate typing

Application Mode is an advanced two-way communication mode where the scanner can be exclusively accessed through all software applications that utilize the Socket Mobile Software Developers Kit (SDK). In Application Mode, the scanner is fully controlled by the software and is fully independent of the keyboard, allowing for a customizable experience.

Basic Mode Advantages

  • Works independent of applications as a simple external keyboard emulator
  • Does not require installation of software
  • Easy setup

Application Mode Advantages

  • Complete scanner command and control through a custom SDK
  • Reliable packet data communication between the scanner and the host computer or device
  • Very fast scanning/reading speed [reads entire code at once
  • Access to your keyboard remains available and independent of the scanner

Basic Mode Disadvantages

  • Much slower scanning/reading speeds for barcode symbologies encoding a lot of data, such as many 2D barcodes
  • Operates as an external keyboard which will suppress an onscreen keyboard
  • Needs an active cursor, the same as keyboard entry, before scanning data entry

Application Mode Disadvantages

  • Only works with applications that have integrated the Socket Mobile SDK

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