Curating Elevated Event Experiences with QR Codes & NFC Technology

April 27, 2023 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG

Event Check In

As organizations and app providers in the events industry seek new ways to implement digital solutions, QR codes have now become standard, and contactless NFC technology are becoming increasingly popular.

Events are the perfect playground for QR codes and contactless technology as they provide enhanced experiences for attendees while also improving and streamlining processes behind the scenes. All events, from festivals and concerts to professional conferences and conventions, can benefit from implementing QR Code and NFC technologies, making them valuable tools for creating a seamless and secure event experience.

App providers and event managers should be aware of the benefits that QR codes and contactless technology provide and how they enhance the user experience. Incorporating this technology throughout events and into an event-centered application can streamline numerous operations, from registration to payments to access control, lead management, and beyond.

Areas to Implement QR Codes & NFC Technology Within Your Event


Using QR codes and contactless NFC technology can simplify the event registration process by allowing attendees to pre-register for an event online or by scanning a QR code in person at registration areas, or even by scanning the code on a physical or digital confirmation. This eliminates the need for physical registration forms and allows them to facilitate any pre-payments for the event from their mobile device. After scanning the QR code, registrants can also choose which seminars, booths, and smaller events they wish to attend. They then receive a ticket, badge, wristband, or mobile “pass” (to add to their mobile wallet) with a specialized QR code or NFC pass holding the data that reflects their registration choices.

Ticket Issuing

QR codes provide numerous benefits for ticketing, including opportunities for issuing multifaceted credentials, badges, wristbands, or mobile passes for events. This allows attendees to purchase multi-layered event experiences (such as VIP access, exclusive promotions, access to restricted seminars, etc.), and event management can issue specified credentials to chosen individuals.

All credential information is stored within a unique QR code on their ticket or mobile pass without broadcasting which credentials they hold. Scanning these unique codes not only eliminates the risk of tickets being stolen or counterfeited but also streamlines the ticketing process, making it easier and more efficient for event organizers and attendees alike.

With the newer NFC-enabled event passes (compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones) you can now issue even smarter and more secure tickets.

Access Control

NFC technology for access control Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) is critical for events to streamline the check-in process and provide guests with a secure, contactless way to access venues. Contactless readers allow a quicker and more centralized way to verify each guest’s ticket at the gate and validate their IDs as needed. Some events require age verification Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) at the door, and NFC technology makes it quick and easy to read several forms of digital IDs Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK).

In addition, NFC devices can be used at multiple entry points throughout the event, for example, only to allow premium purchasers to access VIP areas or exclusive seminars. Access to restricted or “employee only” areas can also be managed by requiring a credential scan at each controlled entrance point.

Virtual queuing allows customers to scan a QR code or an NFC pass and join a virtual queue from their mobile devices and receive notifications when it is their turn to enter a seminar/attraction/ experience at the event. They then can show up at the time specified and scan their credentials to gain access. This allows attendees to enjoy other attractions while they wait and eliminates long unnecessary lines.

Health and safety restrictions can also be controlled with NFC devices. For example, if a venue requires pre-event screenings to verify vaccination or testing status to ensure the safety of attendees. The QR code on one’s vaccination card or testing results can easily be scanned to grant them access. In addition, contactless devices reduce the risk of spreading infections as the interactions wouldn’t require physically touching or handling the devices, tickets, or credentials.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Lead Management

QR Codes and/or NFC technology for exhibitor lead management is vital for events to streamline the business card collecting process and trigger the lead qualification process, which is important to exhibitors and sponsors participating in events. The ability to quickly read a QR Code or an NFC tag with a mobile device inside an exhibitor’s booth or within a sponsored area is critical. Management of business opportunities is the key to measuring the success of participation at events. With reliable NFC readers and a mobile phone app, booth personnel are empowered with efficient lead management solutions.

When using a QR code, the mobile phone requires connectivity to reconcile the contact information over the air. When using NFC tags, more information can be encoded and there is no need for immediate connectivity. When using NFC encoding, the tag is usually embedded in the media so there is no need to reserve a section of the credential to display a QR code. Enabling credentials with QR codes or NFC technology will bring the event to the next level by ensuring that the exhibitors and sponsors will be able to collect valuable information about the attendees they meet.

Data Tracking & Attendance

Integrating QR and/or NFC technology at entry points allows event organizers to keep track of who is entering their venue and when, making it easy to monitor attendance and ensure safety protocols are being followed. By requiring attendees to scan credentials at multiple points throughout the event, it gives organizers the ability to track:

  • Who registered before the event and who did/ did not actually attend
  • How many/who attended different seminars/areas within the event
  • Flow patterns, or how attendees move throughout the event
  • Consumer purchasing behaviors

Using contactless technology to gather this data allows organizers to make events more effective and efficient.

Cashless Payments & Loyalty Programs

Offering QR or NFC-enabled cashless payments allows event attendees to leave their wallets at home and experience quick and easy transactions using applications such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. When contactless technology is integrated throughout the event, guests can pay for concessions, merchandise, and other products/services with a quick tap-and-go motion of their mobile device. Because contactless payments do not usually require a pin entry or receipt signature, time spent in lines could be shortened significantly.

Some events may even provide wristbands or badges with distinct QR codes or NFC tags, and attendees can pre-load money onto them. The wristbands or badges will then be used to scan at different locations throughout the event to pay for goods/services without the need to carry actual cash or cards or even a mobile device (for example, no need to worry about your phone being stolen at a music festival).

Event organizers can also use contactless technology to offer loyalty programs Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK). Customers can use their mobile devices to scan & earn rewards for attending events, making purchases, or participating in activities.

Leveling Up Events for Years to Come

We understand that managing events is no easy task, and with all the moving parts, it can be challenging to provide a top-of-the-line experience for guests. Implementing QR & NFC technology will give the event the edge it needs by creating a more engaging and memorable experience for customers and helping organizers achieve business goals, improve efficiency, and streamline operations.

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