Harnessing digital loyalty: Build brand advocacy and give customers a seamless experience

January 31, 2020 by Socket Mobile, Inc. | BLOG


Remember the days when it seemed like every coffee shop, pizzeria and sandwich shop had a rewards card you could bring in to get stamped or punched with every purchase? After 10 punches, you’d get a free coffee/sandwich/slice. If you were diligent about bringing those cards each time, the rewards could pay off quickly. Think again to all the times you had to hold up the line as you dug through your wallet searching a stack of cards for the right one. Not so fun. 

However, with everything else that’s gone digital, why not shift those loyalty and membership programs likewise? As a retailer, imagine the convenience for you and your customers of enabling rewards/points to be collected with a simple tap-and-go of a cellphone. We recently introduced the SocketScan S550 to help with just such a thing. 

The S550 is a contactless membership card reader/writer that facilitates tap-and-go smart card and NFC applications. That means retailers can take their loyalty and membership programs digital to give consumers an in-store experience that’s as easy and frictionless as shopping online. No more need to shuffle through a seemingly endless stack of rewards cards just to earn that free slice of pizza. Instead, a quick tap-ang-go will record information digitally without hassle on behalf of the consumer or the clerk. 

Digitizing these types of programs also allows for the collection of data that can be used to deliver consumers’ personalized offers based on their past purchases and buying behavior. This in turn encourages further loyalty, creating new ways for customers to interact with your brand, earn and spend points and become brand advocates. In fact, research from Accenture has found that 91% of consumers Opens New Window are more likely to shop with brands and companies that recognize and remember them.

Despite what it might seem, with giants like Amazon continuing to expand, people still like shopping in actual brick-and-mortar stores. The bulk of consumers ( 71% according to First Insights) Opens New Window are more likely to spend $50 or more when shopping in store. That’s compared to 54% of those shopping online. It’s clear then, that the in-store experience still matters, and that harnessing loyalty is just as important than ever before. The mode may have changed – from paper punch cards to tap-and-go digital solutions – but the end goal is still the same. 

Want to learn more about how the S550 can help you harness digital loyalty and improve the customer experience? Read: Introducing the new S550 Contactless Membership Card Reader/Writer.  

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