How Are RFID Tags and NFC Used?

March 7, 2017 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

The incorporation of contactless communication is becoming more and more relevant in our day to day lives. RFID (radio frequency identification) tags with NFC (near field communication) tags and readers are becoming a prominent tool in businesses’ and individuals’ fluidity in daily tasks.

Though individualizing and tracking items all started with a barcode, technology improves, as it always does. And, as tracking becomes more in demand, the technology behind it is becoming more seamless, more advanced and more complicated to create, though easier for consumers to use. Incorporating RFID tags in everyday businesses, as well as NFC technology, is already being implemented, whether the public is aware of it or not. The best technology is the kind that you cannot see. Frictionless technology is what contactless communication is achieving.

With instant and simple access to information and updates, it is no wonder that so many industries are taking advantage of the seemingly endless possibilities that RFID technology has to offer. 

Industries using data capture technology:D600_AEDbag
  • Healthcare – Facilities can easily locate patients and equipment. Nurses and administrators use RFID readers to scan tags on wrist bands of patients to more accurately verify information.  
  • Transportation – Tolls incorporate RFID inlays/cards within public transit cards to check in people before they board trains.
  • Hospitality – Resorts and theme parks enhance guests’ experience by sending additional information on applicable services. By scanning a room key or lanyards with embedded RFID tags, guests obtain a richer experience on location by being better informed to take full advantage of the available amenities.
  • Retail – Department stores share notifications on sales to customers when they are within radio frequency range. Transactions are completed with NFC technology, reading the RFID microchips that are within many credit cards.
  • Logistics – companies track packages and equipment to ensure delivery of shipments and quality control of damaged goods.
  • Tracking – Whether RFID chips are embedded under a pet’s skin or an RFID tag is stickered to a tool, tracking animals and objects prevents loss of a beloved pet or tools that break down.
  • Entertainment – Video games now include NFC readers and writers to be included as part of the games’ experience. By using characters in toy form with RFID tags within, a character can be personalized according to each player’s preference.

More and more industries are seeing the benefits of using RFID technology. As it becomes an integral part of our everyday activities, we realize that the wave of the future has crashed upon today’s shore.

To better understand why RFID tags were created, it helps to understand why barcodes were created and how they are used. (Read The Difference Between Barcodes and RFID Tags for more information.)

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