Introducing the New Low-Cost Line of 1D/2D Attachable Scanners: S820, D820, DS820

October 19, 2022 by Vanessa Lindsay | NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS


Socket Mobile is excited to announce the launch of our new linear barcode plus QR code scanners, SocketScan S820, DuraScan D820, and DuraSled DS820.

The release of the new models follows the recent launch of the SocketScan S720 linear barcode and QR code scanner. The S720 is an entry-level version of our companion scanners that provides a basic and affordable option for those wishing to upgrade to 2D scanning.  

Now, we are expanding the line with the attachable S820, durable D820, as well as the DS820 sled scanner. These new 1D/2D barcode scanner models will meet the needs of users within various industries who wish to get ahead of the transition from 1D to 2D barcode scanning. We built our new attachable scanners to provide the same easy 2D adoption path that the S720 provides for our companion scanner users. The new models enable a different level of transparency and versatility for our users by providing the capabilities to support services like QR code payments and loyalty, digital identification verification, and real-time supply chain tracking. 

SocketScan S820 

The new S820 is a linear barcode & QR Code 1D/2D scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology. Small, thin, and easy to use, the scanner is optimized for attaching to mobile devices, enabling one-handed operation.  

Approximately the same size as a credit card, measuring less than ½ inch (1.27cm) thick and weighing less than two ounces, the S820 is one of the smallest and lightest quality barcode scanners available in the market today. It reads the most popular 2D/1D barcodes and is perfect for retail point of sale, inventory management, sales order entry, field service, and other mobile business applications. 

DuraScan D820 

The D820 is similar to the S820 but better suited for intense scanning environments. It has extra rubberized material for increased durability and drop protection and comes with three charging options - Charging Dock, Charging Adapter, or 6 Bay Multi-Charger. The D820 scans barcodes on both paper and screens and is perfect for retail point of sale, inventory management, sales order entry, field service, and other mobile business applications.  

DuraSled DS820 

Along with the attachable models, the DuraSled DS820 provides the same scanning capabilities as the S820 and D820 but combines your mobile device and scanner into a one-handed mobile data capture solution. Its case protects phones from drop damage and provides simultaneous charging of the scanner and the phone. The DS820 is easy to use and ideal for delivery services, asset tracking, ticketing, and other application-driven mobile solutions. 

2D Barcodes are the Future of Data Capture 

Although 1D barcode types are still prevalent, 2D barcode usage is growing and will soon become the standard for businesses that need to transmit larger amounts of data through barcode data collection. 2D barcodes can serve multiple purposes simultaneously, offering a level of versatility, functionality, and efficiency that cannot be achieved with 1D barcodes. The GS1 standards body is driving a transition to 2D barcodes in retail by 2027, and the S820, DS820, and D820 provide a pathway for users to easily upgrade to 2D barcode usage. 

Application developers who wish to integrate the S820, DS820, or D820 can do so through Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK. It gives app providers reliable and consistent data capture performance, enabling their apps to efficiently capture data in the physical world. With CaptureSDK, app providers can maximize the value of their solution and increase their customer’s overall productivity and satisfaction. Providers can offer any of Socket Mobile’s data capture devices interchangeably and give end-users the freedom to choose the best reader for each customer’s requirements.  

If your app already uses CaptureSDK, (including apps like Shopify and Square), our new scanner models will work out of the box. The S820, D820, and DS820 models will be shipping starting in November. 

Try it free.

Test out our data reading and scanning technology for free with SocketCam. The SocketCam C820 lets you scan directly into your feature application using the camera on your mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.