CaptureSDK Update: Resolving iPadOS 16.5 Bluetooth Issues

June 22, 2023 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES


In the recently launched iPadOS 16.5, there were some unanticipated changes to the Bluetooth management for iPadOS apps. As a result, if a user tries to run two or more CaptureSDK-integrated apps, their Socket Mobile barcode scanners will stop working when the second app is started. Note that this issue only happens on iPadOS and does not affect iOS.

To address this issue, we have released a new version of CaptureSDK for iOS, v1.6.39. If your app targets iPad devices, we highly recommend updating to the latest version.

Since this is a cross-app issue, all scanning apps running on the iPad must be updated to the new CaptureSDK version to address the issue. We will release our Socket Mobile Companion app with the update by June 30, 2023). If you have multiple apps with CaptureSDK integration, you'll need to update the SDK version for all of them.

We recommend using GitHub's "Watch" feature to receive timely SDK updates and information.

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