Socket Mobile DuraCase 800 Series Protective Casing

October 10, 2016 by Socket Mobile | PRODUCT TECH UPDATES

DuraCase 800 Series Protective Casing

One-Handed, Dual Charging, Protection


Introducing, DuraCase - a single-handed, single-charging and highly durable safeguard for your 800 Series attachable scanner. At Socket Mobile, we are so proud of the success of our 800 Series scanners that we wanted to build on our product, creating a one-handed solution with added protection. No one wants to juggle charging their scanner and mobile device separately, or worry over damaging their two units. This is why we developed the DuraCase – a simultaneously charging unit and additional safeguard for your attachable scanner and mobile device.


DuraCase maintains the convenient small size of the 800 Series scanner while combining with the iPod® into one device, creating a one-handed scanner. DuraCase is designed for on-the-go workforces that want a single, multi-functional device in their mobile field. With the DuraCase’s Elastomeric (rubber) casing and antimicrobial material, scratches and bacteria are prevented from tainting the 800 Series scanner and mobile device.

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